Create Profitable YouTube Shorts with ChatGPT & InVideo - No Face or Voice Needed!

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Using ChatGPT Make YouTube SHORTS In Minutes ($10,000 FACELESS METHOD) Make Money with ChatGPT" by Smart Money Tactics
TLDR The video provides tips and tools for creating profitable affiliate marketing videos on YouTube, including using InVideo, vid IQ, and chat GPT, without showing your face or using your own voice.

Video Creation and Optimization

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    The strategy discussed in the video involves using ChatGPT and in video dot IO to create AI videos quickly for YouTube shorts and promote products for making money.
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    Ranking strategies for YouTube videos will be shared, offering valuable insights on increasing views and engagement.
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    Utilizing ChatGPT and InVideo can streamline the process of creating short form content by generating scripts and using templates.
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    Creating YouTube shorts that are under 60 seconds in length allows you to upload them to multiple platforms.
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    Using vid IQ can help identify popular video tags and products with low competition, which can be beneficial for ranking YouTube videos.
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    Finding low competition keywords can be beneficial for new channels, as it allows them to target specific niches and potentially gain more traction in search results.
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    ChatGPT and Nvidia can do the heavy lifting for creators, allowing them to easily create videos and start making money.

Monetization Strategies

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    YouTube shorts now allow you to monetize your content, opening up the opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars with ad revenue, but you can make 10 times more than that with affiliate marketing using ChatGPT and an AI software.
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    The strategy discussed in the video involves promoting affiliate marketing products on platforms like ClickBank or More Niche to make money online.
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    Including a strong call to action at the end of your video is crucial for making money through affiliate marketing.


  • How can I make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube without showing my face or using my own voice?

    — You can use AI software like chat GPT and InVideo to create videos promoting products on YouTube without showing your face or using your own voice.

  • How can I find products to promote for affiliate marketing on YouTube?

    — You can create a ClickBank account or use other affiliate programs like More Niche to find products to promote. Look for products with a high gravity score and recurring commission.

  • How can I get a discount on InVideo's AI software?

    — You can get a 25% discount for life on InVideo's AI software by signing up through the provided link and using the coupon code smt25.

  • What features are included in InVideo's free plan?

    — InVideo's free plan includes access to 6,000+ video templates, free video sharing, 40-minute video durations, and 3 million+ standard media.

  • How can I rank my YouTube videos for success?

    — You can create both short and long format videos on YouTube to see which gets the most traction and revenue. Use tools like vid IQ to find low competition keywords and optimize your video's title and description.

Timestamped Summary

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    Make over $2,000 with every YouTube short video using chat GPT and an AI software for affiliate marketing without showing your face or using your own voice.
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    Use InVideo to create short and long form videos for YouTube, get a 25% discount with code smt25, and choose portrait size 9x16 for short form content.
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    Create engaging videos with InVideo by fixing the script, selecting images, and adding a voiceover, while keeping it under 60 seconds for YouTube shorts, and protect your copyright by adding a logo.
  • 🚀
    SpaceX successfully launches and lands Falcon 9 rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites.
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    Use audio and video editing techniques like adjusting music volume and adding sound effects to enhance your video, and promote your product with a call to action and affiliate marketing.
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    Use vid IQ to find low competition, high search volume products for profitable affiliate marketing on YouTube, including the smoothie diet weight loss niche.
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    Create short videos for affiliate marketing using chat GPT, find products on ClickBank or Mantra, and use code smt25 for a discount.
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    Biden announces plan to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by September 11th.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Using ChatGPT Make YouTube SHORTS In Minutes ($10,000 FACELESS METHOD) Make Money with ChatGPT" by Smart Money Tactics
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