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Earn passive income by answering questions on Quora and promoting affiliate offers on ClickBank and Chat GPT, focusing on health, wealth, and relationships for quick profits.

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    Earn commissions on autopilot by answering questions using chat GPT on .com without building a website or spending money.
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    Use Quora, ClickBank (or Digistore24), and Chat GPT to make passive income through answering questions and promoting affiliate offers.
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    The method involves creating a free account on Quora, using the search bar to find problems to solve with chat GPT and ClickBank for commission.
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    Focus on health, wealth, and relationships to make quick profits, such as weight loss, which can be searched for endless results.
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    Set filters to questions and time to past hour/day to reduce competition when answering related questions.
  • 🍽️
    Does the time you eat affect weight loss?
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    TLDR: Use chatgpt to generate high quality answers with bullet points and bolded main words to stand out on Quora.
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    Generate affiliate links for ClickBank products and answer Quora questions to earn passive income.
    • Find a product to promote on clickbank.com, choose a related product, generate your affiliate link, add it to your answer on Quora, and receive a commission when people click on the link and buy.
    • Answer questions on Quora, generate answers using ChatGPT, sign up for ClickBank, include affiliate link in answer, and repeat the process at least 20 times daily to make passive income.
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