Boost Efficiency: Fredrik the Frisian MBA - CEO @ Chills

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Better #Automation: Fredrik the Frisian MBA - CEO @ Chills" by PROCESIO
TLDR Businesses can achieve growth and success in the digital world by embracing automation, digital transformation, and collaboration through low code platforms like Chills and PROCESIO.

Digital Transformation and Automation in Business Growth

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    Fredrik the Frisian emphasizes the importance of digital transformation and organizational change in driving business growth and innovation.
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    TLC's data management automation saves customers 60% of their costs, primarily through reduced time and more effective work.
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    The CEO emphasizes the importance of process changes and automation in order to move forward and bring about positive transformations within an organization.
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    The use of low code technology and flexible data processing allows for agile decision-making and digital transformation in business.
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    By providing a recurring revenue model, Chills enables consultancy companies to move away from hardcoding and embrace a more sustainable and profitable approach.
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    The development of ecosystems is a global trend, where companies are moving towards new business models that offer more certainty and recurring revenues based on their customers and the work they do.
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    The three key elements for success in the digital world are courage, communication, and collaboration.
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    "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Low Code Technology and Democratization of Hardcoding

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    Low code automation is like a puzzle, where predefined blocks of steps can be connected to each other, eliminating the need for coding.
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    Low code is like pages with coding that can be put together to create a whole book of automation, similar to how the printing press allowed people to print books in their own language and in large quantities.
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    The shift towards low code applications and citizen developers is democratizing the creation of hardcoding and making it more accessible to a broader public, similar to the impact of the Renaissance when reading and printing became available to a larger audience.


  • What is Chills and how can it benefit businesses?

    — Chills is a local technology that utilizes data management and low code automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency in digital transformation for businesses.

  • How does low code automation work?

    — Low code automation eliminates the need for coding by using blocks of predefined steps that can be connected to each other, allowing data to flow through and enabling companies to create specific data processing rules.

  • What is the impact of low code applications on collaboration?

    — Low code applications democratize hardcoding, allowing people with less technological skills to collaborate and make changes in a more accessible and understandable way, shifting the power from a few to a broader public.

  • How does digital transformation involve collaboration between business and IT?

    — Digital transformation involves integrating and collaborating between the business and IT, making it easier for the business to explain and understand their goals through graphical formats and enabling a more efficient and streamlined organization.

  • How can businesses stay competitive in the digital future?

    — To stay competitive, businesses need to understand the market, adopt new technologies like Chills, and embrace automation and digital transformation to meet changing consumer behavior and needs.

Timestamped Summary

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    Businesses are saving time, reducing costs, and making better decisions through automation, leading to growth, scalability, and the use of human creativity to change the world.
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    Chills is a local technology that uses data management and low code automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency in digital transformation for businesses by automating hard coding and allowing data to flow through predefined steps.
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    Low code automation enables companies to differentiate themselves by allowing non-technical users to collaborate and make changes in a graphical format, similar to how the printing press democratized reading and printing during the Renaissance.
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    Digital transformation is crucial for businesses to become more efficient and collaborative, automate tasks, and make faster decisions through data analysis, while also being open to new ways of working.
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    Implementing technology and data-driven decision-making in a flexible business environment requires management to adapt, start small, and take control of implementing and monitoring changes themselves.
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    Consumer behavior is changing rapidly, so it's important to understand the market and adopt new technologies like Chills to stay competitive; utilizing a front-end application for a back-end system allows for low code reuse and collaboration, creating opportunities for local technology development and independent low code developers.
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    Our business model involves sharing our ecosystem with other companies, allowing them to sell our products and services and receive recurring revenue, emphasizing the importance of a decentralized and flat organizational structure for collaboration and value sharing among stakeholders in the digital future.
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    Fredrik The Frisian discusses his blog, website, and social media platforms where he provides insights on sales, distinguishes his company from competitors, and explores topics such as digital identity, business transformation, and the evolving digital society, emphasizing the importance of engaging, communicating, and collaborating to succeed in the digital world, and recommending PROCESIO, a low code platform for advanced automation with a free account and a 50% discount for business needs.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Better #Automation: Fredrik the Frisian MBA - CEO @ Chills" by PROCESIO
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