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The video explores various ways in which AI can be used to generate income online, from chatbots and copywriting to research and content creation.

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    League Artificial Intelligence has created a human-like chatbot that can write text and is a valuable tool for making money online.
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    Lemzi's stable de Fusion Artificial Intelligence engine can create anime-style photos and Magic Avatar adapted it to mobile, offering a real opportunity to make money by presenting it to those who may not have the understanding or creativity to do it themselves.
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    Using technology and AI, the aim is to find a specific use case for creating a website that can help people with copywriting, particularly in sales, to increase brand revenue.
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    Use artificial intelligence as a tool to assist in copywriting, review for mistakes, and send to the customer without mentioning it was made by AI.
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    Eypi base's Business model is to provide concise summaries of any topic by searching and analyzing multiple sources, making research easier and more efficient.
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    An artificial intelligence tool can create product pages in minutes for dropshippers, saving time and creating value for potential profit.
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    Creating a SEO agency involves producing a lot of content on a specific topic to rank higher on Google and sell the service to other companies using artificial intelligence.
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    AI can create custom thumbnails and videos, adapt content to multiple platforms, and simplify services for customers.
    • Artificial intelligence can be used to create custom thumbnails and realistic videos without the need for a human presence, providing opportunities for businesses and content creators.
    • Artificial intelligence technologies can adapt content from a single platform to other social media platforms, saving time and effort for those who don't have the time to manage multiple platforms.
    • Simplify and package services with artificial intelligence to provide effortless value to customers.
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