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The video discusses how to start a business using OpenAI's API and other AI-powered tools, including copywriting, landing page building, email list creation, and content creation.

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    Learn how to start a business for free using Open AI's chat GPT technology API.
    • Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by chat GPT technology to start a business without spending any money.
    • Open AI's chat GPT provides an API that allows developers to create applications that can access and use information and data provided by the AI without any subscription fee.
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    The lecture provides a step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan for opening a flower shop, including an executive summary, company description, market analysis, product marketing and sales, operation and management, financial projection, and a conclusion, with a free-to-use spreadsheet for a three-year projection.
  • πŸ’°
    Linda's app charges $10 for animated photos using AI engine.
    • Linda app charges $10 for animated photos using the free-to-use stable diffusion AI engine.
    • Linza created a new product called Magic Avatar, which offers convenience and value by using AI engines to create avatars from users' photos and charging $10 for the service.
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    Learn how to start a business using OpenAI's API or software without coding experience with 7 different ideas.
    • Learn how to start a business using OpenAI's API or software without any coding experience with these seven different business ideas.
    • Create a website or front-end using the back-end API of chat GPT to market the service and help people gain strategic advantages and buy successful companies together.
    • There are 12 different loan programs and 81 lenders available for those seeking alternative lending sources, along with free courses and a stock offer, but the information should be kept secret.
  • πŸ“
    Copy AI is a platform that helps users create quality sales copy quickly and efficiently, leading to increased productivity and profitability.
    • Perplexity is an API-based business that summarizes any subject into four sentences, providing the best articles and a single summary description.
    • Sales copywriting is a big industry that involves writing descriptions of products to sell them, and it presents a lucrative opportunity for making money.
    • Copy AI is a platform that allows users to create quality sales copy quickly and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.
  • πŸš€
    Use Sitekick AI to build landing pages and Chat GPT for SEO to improve search engine rankings and save time.
    • Sitekick AI allows drop shippers to quickly build landing pages for testing products, saving time and creating value, while Chat GPT can be used as an SEO agency to improve search engine rankings.
    • Putting yourself out there on the web can help you rank higher on Google search results.
    • To improve SEO and rank higher on Google, focus on one specific keyword and create 50 well-written blog posts or articles about that topic using copy AI.
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    Create profitable email lists for companies by using chat GBT to search for email addresses and AI to create newsletters with sponsors.
    • Using chat gbt to search and scour for email addresses can be a profitable lead generation business by providing email lists to companies.
    • Create an active and workable email list to sell to agencies for profit, and use AI or chat GPD to create a newsletter with sponsors.
  • πŸ€–
    AI-powered content creation can generate newsletters and advertising spots using vast amounts of information, but may not provide the most current news.
    • AI-powered content creation can be used to create newsletters for multiple companies or for your own advertising spots, with access to millions of points of information, but may not provide the latest news.
    • Take advantage of the value arbitrage opportunity for only ten dollars and share your thoughts in the comments, while also checking out the speaker's business loan services.
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