Start a Business with OpenAI Chat GPT: 7 Chat GPT Money Making Ideas to Profit

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The 7 Best AI Businesses to Start with Chat GPT" by Brett Malinowski
TLDR Create a business using OpenAI's chat GPT and APIs to solve a problem and make money from it.

Key insights

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    OpenAI's chat GPT has the potential to be used in various business ideas, making it accessible for anyone to use.
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    The key to making money in business is creating value through streamlining information with AI engines.
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    The real opportunity with AI lies in finding ways to plug in openai's API into your own front-end software platforms, creating value arbitrage and specific use cases for customers.
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    Starting an AI-powered copywriting company using chat GPT's API could be a lucrative business opportunity.
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    Site allows drop shippers to create landing pages in just one minute, potentially saving hours of time and increasing efficiency in testing different products.
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    AI-powered content creation can make you more efficient at your job and sell your services to other companies, providing value through knowledge arbitrage.
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    AI-powered newsletters can create high-quality content and attract sponsors and ads, making it a profitable business.


  • What are some business ideas using OpenAI's chat GPT?

    The video discusses seven business ideas that can be implemented using OpenAI's chat GPT to take advantage of current opportunities.

  • How can APIs like Dali or chat GPT be used?

    APIs like Dali or chat GPT can be used to create custom software or apps with a personalized user interface, similar to the popular app Linza.

  • How can copywriting be profitable?

    Copywriting, especially in sales, has great potential for making money as it helps people generate sales. is an example of a platform that enables quick production of high-quality sales copy.

  • Can AI be used for SEO and content creation?

    Yes, AI and chat GPT can be utilized to create content, backlinks, and AI thumbnails for videos, helping businesses stand out in SEO and establish expertise.

  • How can OpenAI's chat GPT be used to generate leads?

    OpenAI's chat GPT can generate leads by providing accurate email addresses of influential individuals, which can be sold for profit.

Timestamped Summary

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    Use OpenAI's chat GPT and APIs like Dali to create custom software or apps with a user interface, like the popular app Linza.
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    People are paying $10 for Linda's Magic Avatar app to animate themselves, even though it can be done for free.
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    Use OpenAI's API to create a front-end software platform and market it to those who could benefit from chat GPT for copywriting and sales.
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    04:52 enables businesses to quickly produce high quality sales copy and handle more clients with a smaller team.
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    Create landing pages in one minute with to test products.
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    Create an SEO agency using AI to generate content, backlinks, and thumbnails to rank on Google.
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    Create stunning visuals for your YouTube videos with linza and stable diffusion.
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    Use AI to create a business that solves a problem and make money from it!
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The 7 Best AI Businesses to Start with Chat GPT" by Brett Malinowski
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