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The video discusses how to effectively use GPT chat, an AI-powered conversational bot, to generate structured text and create effective content for social media.

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    GPT chat is an AI-powered conversational bot that can be adapted to users' needs, but requires understanding of its limitations and workings.
    • Learn how to have full control over GPT chat and write high-quality texts in less time with practical and detailed examples in this complete course.
    • Learn how to use chat for any situation with timestamps for easy navigation.
    • GPT chat is a conversational bot that uses artificial intelligence to establish conversations with users and can be adapted to their needs, but it has limitations and requires understanding of its workings.
    • GPT Chat is a user interface optimized for interacting with Artificial Intelligence, and while there is a paid version, the free version offers the same functions.
    • GPT chat can be used as a writing assistant, source of inspiration, and learning tool, but should not be used to generate professional texts in a field that you do not master.
    • Gpt chat is a tool that can generate new content from information given to it, but it may not interpret numbers or logical problems well, and must be used with clear instructions in a logical order to achieve the desired result.
  • ๐Ÿ“
    GPT Chat can provide concise and efficient responses through bullet points, numbered lists, and tables.
    • GPT Chat provides four types of long responses, including a default long response that should be the least used.
    • Short responses generated by htt work as binary switches to understand the chat is activated in a specific mode or has understood certain information, and are useful to verify specific steps in the interaction sequence.
    • Bullet points or numbered lists are useful for identifying the most relevant points of information and can be used discreetly in interactions with machines.
    • GPT chat can create tables that allow for efficient processing of information and identification of how well the information is classified.
  • ๐Ÿ“
    Define AI chatbot's personality and focus to create a concise and varied text.
    • Chrome text indications have four types, including internal context indications that require binary answers and can be used to prepare a session with backgammon.
    • Activate expert mode in Artificial Intelligence and define the personality and focus of chat responses.
    • Define the final objective and style of conversation to obtain a rigorously written text with varied vocabulary and elaboration of ideas and counterarguments.
  • ๐Ÿ’ฌ
    Use GPT chat to generate structured text by selecting and countering bullet points, and design the interaction sequence to write opinion articles based on news items and find counterarguments.
    • GPT chat can be given three types of instructions: external context, content to process, and operational indications, which allow for establishing the exact context and selecting relevant information.
    • Use the GPT chat to generate a precise and structured text by selecting and countering bullet points, and then use the result indications to include in the final article.
    • Designing the sequence of interaction before beginning to interact with the chat is ideal for generating complex texts and validating each response before moving forward.
    • Learn how to structure interactions with GPT chat in order to write opinion articles based on news items and find counterarguments.
  • ๐Ÿ’ก
    AI expert analyzes news, counters arguments, summarizes in a table, and writes opinion article based on selected rows.
    • Start with the "forget" interaction to ensure a clean chat, then give context instructions like an error instruction.
    • The AI expert will analyze a piece of news, extract relevant information, counterargue points from a specific point of view, make a table summarizing arguments and counterarguments, and write an opinion article based on selected rows of the table.
    • To structure the interaction well, be redundant at times in the instructions and introduce news before asking for a summary.
    • The chatbot is optimized for English language, so the speaker leaves it to respond in English even if given instructions in Spanish.
    • The speaker received a list of 8 points from Chad, but narrowed it down to 6 relevant points and asked Chad to provide 6 counterarguments for those points.
  • ๐Ÿ“
    The speaker eliminated redundant rows and created a table with 4 arguments and 4 counter-arguments.
    • The speaker requested a summary table with 8 elements, but due to redundancy and irrelevance, they eliminated rows 3 and 7 resulting in a table with 4 arguments and 4 counter-arguments.
    • Write an opinion article using arguments and counter arguments from the last table, avoiding redundancy and improving variability in the text.
    • The speaker adds specific data from the news to support his statements and generates a structure for an article that works well with counterarguments.
    • Create a text using only internal information and a specific structure, without external context, by guiding each phase to include desired content.
    • Learn the Aida formula for writing effective advertising copy and follow a specific structure for writing a LinkedIn publication as an advertising creative.
  • ๐Ÿ“ข
    Use AIDA structure to create effective content for social media by capturing attention, generating interest, and prompting action with the help of AI.
    • Provide two summarized options for each of the four phases of the Formula ida, including attention, interest, desire, and action.
    • Organize information in a table and use the Aida structure to write a LinkedIn publication with a specific tone.
    • Create effective content for social media by following the structure of capturing attention in row 1, generating interest in row 2, and prompting action in row 1, and use an artificial intelligence application to improve content quality.
  • ๐Ÿค–
    AI-powered app benefits: efficient processing, versatile GPT chat structure, and easy-to-use interface.
    • Create a concise and emotional text that uses short sentences and separate paragraphs to showcase the benefits of an application that uses Artificial Intelligence, and edit as necessary to ensure clarity and quality.
    • GPT chat structure can be used to create longer texts by breaking them down into small blocks and processing them in new interactions, making it a versatile and general method.
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