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China's censorship may hinder their ability to compete in the AI race and leave citizens behind, despite investing heavily in the field.

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    Introducing ERNIE Bot, a Chinese-made chatbot that may lack access to sensitive information but is still a patriotic choice for true Chinese citizens.
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    ChatGPT AI chat software has the potential to explain social phenomena and problems in a society where highly educated workers end up in low-skilled jobs.
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    Ernie Bot, developed by Baidu, can provide concise answers to questions related to China's economic and political system, but fails to accurately answer questions about Chinese culture and current events.
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    Restricted access to information and feedback from the internet will render the tool ineffective in improving accuracy and changing people's way of life.
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    Access to more resources and technology will widen the gap between ChatGPT and ERNIE Bot, as well as Chinese and Western users, allowing for faster learning and increased productivity.
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    China's censorship system will hinder its development in AI, causing its citizens to lag behind and potentially impacting its international competitiveness in the future.
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    AI progress is exponential and China's censorship will hinder their ability to compete in the AI race despite pouring money into the field.
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    Lele Farley asks if viewers are afraid or excited about the development of ChatGPT and the changes that artificial intelligence will bring to our lives.
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