Determining AI Control & Promoting Innovation | Deborah Nas Ep. 21

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Wie bepaalt wat mag - Deborah Nas | Aflevering 21" by Nxchange-Bondex
TLDR Determining who has control over AI systems and promoting innovation are crucial for addressing ethical concerns and driving progress in technology and society.

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    The speaker discusses the importance of determining who decides what is allowed in a system that learns from algorithms and gives examples of individuals and organizations involved in controversial decisions related to AI.
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    Artificial intelligence has the potential to reason logically and have feelings, raising ethical questions about what it means to be human, as demonstrated by a research example involving football players.
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    There is concern about whether AI systems will align with our values and standards, and the potential impact and need for caution in using technology like AI.
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    Jeff Hinton can identify talented individuals in AI, the Netherlands is investing in quantum technology, and substantive expertise is crucial for ministerial roles, as people in power determine everything.
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    The speaker discusses frustration with large institutions and lack of control over fake ads, highlighting the need for practical solutions and excitement surrounding startups; the hyperloop is a high-speed, sustainable transportation system that requires major investments and government support, with Elon Musk originating the idea and a mining team winning the first competition, and the speaker suggests the possibility of creating a hard hyperloop.
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    Light Year, a hyperloop company, needs a billion dollars to develop their technology and set industry standards, but the short-term focus of the political system and the reluctance of large organizations to embrace radical innovation hinder progress in addressing global issues and hinder growth and survival.
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    The speaker emphasizes the importance of innovation and starting new businesses to succeed, using examples of company growth and potential.
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    Women face challenges in leadership positions, while men dominate top positions in tech; Schiphol and KLM settle with airlines over flight cancellations; Jet Rebel is a talented musician; use Obsidian or Notion for efficient content creation; speaker expresses gratitude for podcast interview and discusses innovation.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Wie bepaalt wat mag - Deborah Nas | Aflevering 21" by Nxchange-Bondex
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