HV-MTL Forge Video: Explainer for Metalworking

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "HV-MTL Forge Explainer Video" by Yuga Labs
TLDR Players can use the Crafting Station in the HV-MTL Forge to build and decorate their forge using various building blocks and tiles, and they can improve their progress by keeping their HV in a good mood and energy level.

Key insights

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    The most important tool in the HV-MTL Forge is the Crafting Station, which allows players to build, expand, and decorate their unique forge.
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    Using the crafting station is cost-free, providing users with the opportunity to experiment without any financial consequences.
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    HV-MTL Forge has hidden objectives that can be accomplished through various methods, including building tiles.
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    ️ Energy is the primary resource in Forge, and players can generate more energy by upgrading their tiles to higher levels.
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    Maintaining a clean forge is important for your HV's mood, as a dirty forge can negatively affect their mood and energy levels.
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    Clicking rapidly on an accident on the tile will clean it, but if not done soon, it will diminish the energy your HV gets when passing over the tile.
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    Connecting your home base to the nearest portal in HV-MTL Forge unlocks the leaderboard feature, providing players with the opportunity to showcase their forge to the world and compete for valuable rewards.

Timestamped Summary

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    Your HV-MTL Forge has a unique forge where you can use the Crafting Station to build, expand, and decorate your dream forge using the same building blocks and tiles available to everyone.
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    Press the crafting button or the C key to create a random item for free, and if you don't like it, keep pressing the button until you get the desired result.
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    Click on a tile or object to enter build mode, find a spot to build on, and confirm to start the process; keep in mind that destroying tiles won't give back the resources used to craft them.
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    New blueprints are added to your database each time you use your crafting station, and you can generate energy by upgrading tiles with your HV, which is affected by its mood.
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    If your HV is sad and in a bad mood, it will generate less energy and slow down your progress, so give it some pets and keep the forge clean to improve its mood and energy levels.
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    Rapidly clicking on your HV after an accident on the tile will clean it and maintain its energy, but be careful not to wake it up at the wrong time as it may worsen its mood.
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    You can buy powerups and blueprints in the shop using Gears, connect your home base to the nearest portal, unlock the leaderboard to compete for Amps, and learn more about playing HV-MTL Forge by following official channels and reading the game guide.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "HV-MTL Forge Explainer Video" by Yuga Labs
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