Improve Outpost Rush Performance: Healing, Objectives, Teamwork & Consumables

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Best Ways To Place Higher in Outpost Rush & Get Your Drops!" by Invin
TLDR Players can improve their performance and increase their chances of success in Outpost Rush by focusing on healing, objectives, teamwork, and utilizing consumables.

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    Healing is crucial for success in Outpost Rush.
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    Paladin build is 👍 for Outpost Rush as healing is prioritized, focus of 210 or 160 boosts healing, securing drops for gypsum.
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    Play as a great axe user to provide utility and damage, heal your team, and climb the leaderboard easily in Outpost Rush by focusing on objectives and taking advantage of the upcoming update's droppable summoning stones.
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    Play around objective areas in Outpost Rush to get healing, assists, and kills, prioritize final hits for points, and contribute materials like wood for quick points and home camp buff.
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    Coordinate with your team, focus on kills and assists, use outpost rush consumables for a damage boost to place higher in Outpost Rush and earn more points.
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    Use specific infused pots and speed boost food in Outpost Rush to improve your performance, climb the leaderboards, and increase your chances of getting drops and gypsum.
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    Get involved in fights to improve your ranking and increase chances of gypsum drops in Outpost Rush, and consider subscribing, liking, and joining the speaker's Twitch channel for more content.
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    Join us for fun activities like testing, gypsum runs, wars, and PvE in New World and other games by clicking the link below. Thank you for your time and see you tomorrow with a new upload. Take care and peace out!


  • What is the best build for Outpost Rush?

    — The Paladin build is recommended for Outpost Rush as it prioritizes healing, which is crucial for climbing the leaderboards and securing drops for gypsum.

  • How can I increase my healing boost in Outpost Rush?

    — You can increase your healing boost by having a focus of 210 instead of 200 or 160 instead of 150.

  • Where should I play in Outpost Rush for higher placement?

    — It is important to play near the objectives, such as points and outposts, as they contribute to higher placement in Outpost Rush.

  • How can I earn points quickly in Outpost Rush?

    — If the game is slow and teams are split, you can contribute materials like wood to earn points quickly and receive the home camp buff.

  • What consumables should I use in Outpost Rush?

    — Utilize outpost rush consumables like battle bread to get a +15 damage boost, which is important for performing well in the game.

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Best Ways To Place Higher in Outpost Rush & Get Your Drops!" by Invin
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