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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "¡ARRANCA el MODO CARRERA en FC 24!" by Futbol al chile
TLDR Real Madrid signs Kilian Mbappé and his impact on the team's performance leads them to win the Champions League in FIFA 24 career mode.

Key insights

  • The club's tactical vision includes playing on the wings, tiki taka, and counterpressure, showcasing a diverse and strategic approach to the game.
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    The arrival of Mbappé at Real Madrid has been highly anticipated for years, and his physical condition is not expected to be an issue.
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    The video explores the impact of Mbappé joining Real Madrid and whether it would make them champions of the league or the Champions League.
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    Barcelona is leading by nine points and the next game is against Barcelona, creating anticipation and excitement.
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    Valencia's victory in the classic match against Barcelona was a significant achievement.
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    The speaker expresses both excitement and anxiety while cheering for their team in the Champions League, showcasing the emotional rollercoaster of being a fan.
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    Real Madrid's victory in the Champions League is described as "impressive" and "the most important trophy that exists" at the club level.


  • What is the main focus of the video?

    The video focuses on Real Madrid signing Kilian Mbappé and his impact on the team's performance in FIFA 24 career mode.

  • What is the speaker's plan for the career mode story?

    The speaker plans to bring Mbappé to Real Madrid, simulate and play for a whole year, and see if there is a difference in the team's performance.

  • How does the speaker plan to sign Mbappé?

    The speaker plans to offer $500 million to Paris Saint-Germain to release Kilian and negotiate directly with him.

  • Does Mbappé successfully join Real Madrid?

    Yes, Real Madrid successfully signs Mbappé without any issues with his physical condition.

  • What tournaments does Real Madrid participate in with Mbappé?

    Real Madrid participates in the league and Champions League with Mbappé, with simulations showing successful results.

Timestamped Summary

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    The speaker will be doing a career mode story in FIFA 24, trying to bring Mbappe to Real Madrid and simulating a whole year to see if there is a difference, while also preparing a player career mode series with Santi and Jiménez.
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    Real Madrid signs Kilian Mbappé for $500 million from Paris Saint-Germain without any physical issues.
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    Mbappé joins Real Madrid and the video explores his potential impact on the team's performance, with simulations showing successful results, while Kilian warms up in the first game with a cinematic view.
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    Kilian, a skilled player, maneuvers past a defender as the speaker discusses a new tactical camera in the game and simulates matches, expressing frustration and excitement, leading up to an upcoming game against Barcelona.
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    Barcelona wins Spanish Cup and Super Cup, speaker expresses excitement and frustration discussing soccer game and upcoming challenges.
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    Mbappé scores winning goal, Barcelona eliminated, team faces Napoli and Manchester United in final matches; speaker excited for Wembley final against Manchester United, emphasizing importance of game and season.
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    Real Madrid wins the Champions League with Mbappé's help, and the video highlights his potential in career mode.
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    3000 new subscribers thanks to this video, where the speaker promises to add Nitro to start the career mode with Santi Jiménez, and asks for feedback on the new career mode in the comments.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "¡ARRANCA el MODO CARRERA en FC 24!" by Futbol al chile
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