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Microsoft and Google are advancing their AI technology, while Adobe's tools are falling behind, and the future of work with AI will require a shift in mindset and adaptation to new tools, leading to increased productivity and workload readaptation.

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    Carlos' live streams are growing in popularity, featuring the testing of GPT-4 and upcoming release, while Microsoft showcases new tools and developments at their event.
    • Carlos is doing live streams due to lack of time and capacity, and the audience is growing.
    • The live show tested GPT-4, which is now available to those with a GPT+ chat subscription, and the speaker originally thought it would be announced but it will be released next week.
    • Microsoft's future plans for integrating OpenAI's technology into their products after OpenAI's exclusive announcement.
    • Microsoft's event is starting, featuring new tools and developments including copilot and Github.
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    Microsoft's new language models, including Copilot, are integrated into Office and offer personalized business chat assistance, email generation, and polished Power Point creation.
    • Deep learning has entered a new phase with the use of foundational models like GPT-3 and GPT-4, which are trained in a generic way with massive data and allow for solving a wide variety of tasks.
    • Microsoft's recent event showcased the integration of language models into the Office suite and introduced a personalized business chat assistant.
    • Microsoft's Copilot can generate emails with customizable tones and lengths, making it easier to send announcements and invitations.
    • Microsoft's integrated vin chat and flexible templates make for a polished and useful tool for creating Power Points.
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    Microsoft and Google are advancing their AI technology, while Adobe's tools are falling behind.
    • Microsoft is entering the competition, and it's important to be mindful of the potential consequences of asking someone else to give a speech on your behalf.
    • Microsoft is doing their homework and has access to technology that other companies should have integrated, such as Adobe with their tools.
    • Create extensive and aesthetic documents using spectacular tools, but keep in mind that clients and workers may only read summaries, so make sure to include them.
    • Google plans to integrate their internally developed language model, GPT 4, into their ecosystem of tools like Docs and Sheets, but Microsoft has already released their own AI advancements, leaving Apple behind in the race.
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    Microsoft's GPT-4 uses a data graph to process user prompts, a collaborative transcription app captures real-time conversations, iTunes lacks a useful chat feature, and Microsoft is willing to weather negative headlines to advance their products.
    • Microsoft's language model, GPT-4, uses a data graph to gather relevant information about the user before processing their prompt and returning a response through a privacy and security check.
    • A collaborative transcription application with AI technology that allows for interactive prompts and automated capture of everything said in real time.
    • iTunes lacks a useful chat feature that integrates with all tools and provides recommendations and suggestions.
    • Microsoft's approach of "moving fast and breaking things" has not caused major issues with their products, but as they handle more private user data and business applications, there is a need for increased caution.
    • Microsoft is aware that their new technology will have a lot of bugs, but they are willing to take the lead and weather the storm of negative headlines in order to advance their product.
    • The speaker draws interesting conclusions about Vienna Satia and expresses initial fear of being taken over.
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    Microsoft has integrated their software tools into one ecosystem, including AI-based tools, but human supervision is still necessary for accuracy and productivity improvements are still being evaluated.
    • The speaker believes that the technology sector has been stagnant and the mobile industry no longer knows how to innovate due to hardware limitations, but Microsoft has done a good job with their integrations despite not mentioning gpt 4 in the presentation.
    • Microsoft has integrated all their software tools into one ecosystem, including a language model that can be combined with other tools, but it is important to note that these tools are not perfect and certain tasks may need to be derived to other technologies.
    • Automatic subtitles are not infallible and still require human supervision, as even the most advanced language models are susceptible to hallucinating false data and behaving incorrectly.
    • Microsoft is evaluating the market's acceptance of AI's productivity improvements, but humans still need to interpret information and become more critical consumers.
    • Microsoft has been deploying AI-based tools in their products since August, and through integrations, they can continue to teach us more things, leading to a huge increase in productivity.
    • New tools are making it possible to do tasks faster and more efficiently, but opinions on the impact of these tools vary.
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    The future of work with AI will require a shift in mindset and adaptation to new tools, leading to increased productivity and workload readaptation.
    • The talk discussed the future of work with artificial intelligence, including the development of language models and the need to measure computational costs.
    • The speaker believes that while our mindset is not yet adapted to using new tools in the short term, gradually new users and early adopters will integrate them into their workflow, leading to a productivity boost and a need for readapting workload, as shown in a Microsoft ad from the 90s.
    • Employee arrives late for work and struggles to come up with an excuse.
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    The arrival of technology like Excel has accelerated business processes and requires more flexible and adaptable professional profiles, as the future of work will involve jobs that may appear and disappear.
    • In 1990, personal computers were introduced that could automatically add and move columns, making accounting tasks easier and more efficient.
    • The arrival of technology like Excel has accelerated business processes and requires readjustment, but it is not the sole cause of unemployment and over-specialization is a bigger problem.
    • Professional profiles need to be more flexible and adaptable to changing job markets, as the future of work will involve jobs that may appear and disappear, and artificial intelligence will likely replace many traditional jobs.
    • Highly specialized professionals, such as graphic designers, can be greatly affected by the devaluation of their skills, even after years of training.
    • Artificial intelligence will cause unemployment in specialized professions, but it will also provide new opportunities for individuals to create their own business models.
    • The speaker discusses how technological tools and platforms like YouTube have allowed him to compete with larger media companies with a small team, and predicts that the future of work will involve a shift towards individuals playing more specialized roles rather than being part of a large team.
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    Microsoft and Google are leading the AI race, but ethical concerns and open-source community should not be forgotten.
    • The speaker shared the importance of commenting on Twitter and using Artificial Intelligence in business.
    • Microsoft is playing a powerful role in AI processes and has caught up to Google's lagging behind.
    • Microsoft has presented new APIs, causing people to pay attention to them despite Google's recent announcement, and Google now has a double effort to catch up and improve their offerings.
    • The technological race has brought about new developments, with Microsoft and Google leading the way, but the open-source community should also be considered, and ethical concerns regarding artificial intelligence must not be forgotten.
    • The speaker expresses concern that the momentum gained in developing AI tools may be slowed down due to the shutdown of GPT-4 and Dipmind.
    • The speaker thanks for the support and invites to watch videos about language models and upcoming events, including the Nvidia GTC with a chance to win a 4090 graphics card.
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