Ultimate Rust Base Building Guide: Secure & Efficient Solo-Duo Bunker 2023

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Utopian - ULTIMATE Double Bunker SOLO-DUO Base RUST 2023" by Dust
TLDR Provide detailed instructions and strategies for building a highly secure and efficient base in the game, Rust.

Key insights

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    The Utopian base features overpowered gate houses with a unique design that provides excellent protection, making them difficult to raid with compound bows and expensive to HV out due to the chain link fences blocking splash damage.
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    The use of vending machines instead of boxes in the bunkers prevents easy despawning from the outside and adds an extra layer of security during raids.
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    "Palisade peaks with breech peaks give you incredible angles throughout the compound." - The design of the base allows for advantageous shooting positions and visibility within the compound.
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    The second floor of the base serves as a six box loot room, with an enclosed jump up and a double door frame for the entrance.
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    The symmetrical build design with triangles and squares helps create a strong and visually appealing structure, with the last triangle raised and upgraded for added protection.
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    Placing double doors or garage doors on each socket and adding a turret can enhance the security of the base.
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    The ULTIMATE Double Bunker base design in Rust 2023 includes unique features like garage doors, half walls, windows, and ceiling placements to create a secure and efficient structure.
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    The addition of raised foundations and a triangular build-out with lowered foundations allows for increased structural stability and improved mobility within the base.


  • What is the Utopian base design?

    β€” The Utopian base design is an ultra cheap solo-duo base in Rust that offers great protection against raids, spacious storage, two bunkers, and overpowered gate houses.

  • How can I increase the security of my base against raiding?

    β€” You can increase the security of your base by utilizing strategies such as placing locked TCs, walling off certain areas, upgrading frames to Adobe, using large boxes and vending machines for added security, and adding turrets for protection.

  • How can I expand my base in Rust?

    β€” To expand your base, you can honeycomb the sides with triangle foundations and floors, build raised foundations on all four sides, create a second floor using raised foundations for mobility, and enclose certain areas to create more loot rooms.

  • What materials should I use for different parts of my base?

    β€” It is recommended to use specific materials for different parts of your base, such as armored ceiling tiles, Adobe for increased durability, and sheet metal for added stability.

  • How can I optimize the interior of my base?

    β€” To optimize the interior of your base, you can fit multiple furnaces and storage boxes, customize the interior with lockers and deployables, and add extra large boxes and furnaces for better resource management.

Timestamped Summary

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    The Utopian is an ultra cheap solo-duo base with great protection against raids, featuring spacious storage, two bunkers, and overpowered gate houses that are difficult to breach, with ladder hatches, turrets, and great visibility for protection.
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    Build a double bunker base with dedicated areas for furnaces and storage, utilizing vending machines for added security against raiding, and optimize visibility and stability with Palisade peaks and Half Light Windows.
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    Expand the base with honeycombing, raised foundations, and a second floor, create a six box loot room, and optimize the layout for better access and functionality.
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    Build a symmetrical base with window frames, doors, and bunkers, using triangles and squares, leaving a multi-TC gap, and include compound bedrooms, external TCU, raid protection, and specific materials for different parts of the base.
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    Upgrade and fortify your base with armored ceiling tiles, breach peaks, half walls, windows, ladder hatches, embrasures, double doors or garage doors, turrets, vending machines, triangle roofs, and deployables.
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    Build a double bunker base with garage doors, half walls, windows, and ceilings, add auto turrets for defense, and connect the external TC to the main base, while also constructing a Gatehouse with full walls, half walls, and a triangle platform for an auto turret, using wood for durability, and creating a shooting floor.
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    Build a double bunker base with sheet metal, adding stability with frames and triangles, using half walls and roof ramps for cover, placing auto turrets, windmills, beds, and large boxes for respawns, and adding barricades and high walls for extra security.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Utopian - ULTIMATE Double Bunker SOLO-DUO Base RUST 2023" by Dust
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