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Google's new language model, GPT-4, is the most powerful yet with a 32,000 context window and multimodal capabilities, but details on its workings are being kept quiet, and it has the potential to revolutionize various industries.

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    GPT-4 is a powerful multimodal language model with significant improvements over previous versions, now available for GPT+ chat users to try.
    • GPT-4, the fourth version of the opening model, is now available and there are interesting things to note about it.
    • The development of a powerful multimodal model marks a milestone in modern computing, allowing for the creation of visual language models with significant improvements over previous versions.
    • GP4 technology is now available for GPT+ chat users to try, although it is not a definitive version yet.
    • This week's live sessions will focus on first impressions and the future of work, including a talk from Microsoft about their integration of gpt 4 technology into their products.
    • GTC is an upcoming event with a raffle for a 4090 graphics card.
    • GPT-4 is a language model that has specialized in intelligent text processing and has the ability to learn from context, with an increase in the number of parameters and size from its previous versions.
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    Google's new language model, GPT-4, is more powerful and supports images for multimodality, but details on its workings are being kept quiet.
    • GPT-4 is a multimodal system that accepts images, but the number of parameters is being kept quiet for strategic reasons.
    • The image shows 10 different sounds that dogs can make with a brief description written in Spanish under each of them, but it is important to be careful as GP chat can't analyze images and may hallucinate details.
    • Google has released a 98-page paper on their new product, gpt.4, which is a generative model based on Transformers, but there is no relevant information on how it works.
    • Google is not releasing any information about their new language model, GPT-4, but examples show it is more powerful, intelligent, and creative than previous models.
    • GPT-4 now supports images, opening the door to multimodality, which involves using different data modes to connect models for deeper learning.
    • The speaker discusses a guide that explains various options for cooking with butter and provides a link to a research paper with more information.
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    Analyzing images panel by panel allows for better reasoning and arriving at a correct answer.
    • Autoregressive models like gp3 require step-by-step reasoning to generate accurate results, as they rely on previous context to generate the next output.
    • Analyzing images panel by panel allows for better reasoning and arriving at a correct answer, as demonstrated by the example of a package containing a power cable, adapter, and VGA connector.
    • GB 4 is a powerful new dimension with unknown visual capabilities that will be tested and tracked in a follow-up paper.
    • OCR technology can now automatically understand and translate text from images, but struggles to identify unusual or absurd elements in the image.
    • The power of the fashionable phrase "everything" is changing the GPT ecosystem, opening up possibilities for connecting Google Glass to the internet and using AI to answer questions and provide information.
    • GPT-4 is a language model that includes reinforcement learning from human feedback and is more rigorous than GPT-3 in mitigating fake data hallucinations.
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    GPT-4 is a powerful language model with an 8000 token context window, capable of programming and outperforming GPT-3.5 in various benchmarks.
    • The context window in GPT systems is crucial for accurate predictions and GPT-4 has a context window of 8000 tokens, with a future version set to expand to 32,000 tokens.
    • GPT-4 is a powerful language model capable of programming and its potential use is both exciting and concerning.
    • GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3.5 and achieves high metrics in various benchmarks, including 95.3% reasoning and 96% in Python coding tasks.
    • GPT-4 has been tested with a variety of tests originally designed for humans and performs quite well, surpassing most of those that have been tested by humans, and is expected to open up to an even bigger context window and accept images in the near future.
    • The speaker encourages viewers to like and donate during the live presentation, but experiences technical difficulties and is unsure if the presentation is pre-recorded or live.
    • They developed a system and want to test if the model they generated performs well, using the Palm paper riddle as a benchmark.
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    GPT-4 is the most powerful language model yet, with a 32,000 context window and multimodal capabilities, but generating content with specific letter constraints can be challenging.
    • The number of parameters in GPT-4 is unknown, but the recently released GPT chat interface allows users to generate their own chat scripts with the API and configure the system's behavior.
    • The article discusses the GPT-4 model, which is the most powerful version of the system with a 32,000 context window, but the speaker notes that generating content with specific letter constraints can be challenging.
    • The article explores the relationship between volume and GP4 turn up.
    • GPT-4 has arrived, leaving the past behind, and with its multimodal model of image and text at the human level performance, it has left everyone perplexed, but it is open source and can generate evaluations to test and make good benchmarks.
    • GPT-4 is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of building tools, but its knowledge cut-off is the same as GPT-3, which is strange.
    • The internet has generated a lot of content up to 2021, which is enough for pre-training language models like GPT chat, and connecting it to the internet allows it to access the most up-to-date sources for updated answers.
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    Automating debugging process with GPT-4 API improves success rates and reduces cost, but may require time to fully utilize and could lead to misuse.
    • Solving one error leads to the discovery of another, but automating the debugging process could potentially increase success rates and improve benchmarks.
    • The speaker's bot connects with the GPT 4 API and successfully generates a visual demo with the chatbot.
    • In three months, the system was optimized to reduce the cost to one-tenth of the original price, showcasing the significant optimization capacity of deep learning systems.
    • The GPT-4 tool in Discord can manage Windows and understand the user interface, making it an advanced and powerful tool that may take time to fully utilize.
    • The Bot failed to generate updated code for adding an image due to a missing functionality in the discord API for python that came out in 2022.
    • GPT-4 will use a context window of 32,000 tokens to analyze documentation and potentially fix problems, but this approach could lead to misuse by managers.
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    An astronaut explores an alien planet while the speaker envisions a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, Screen Side generates code in just minutes, GPT chat can be used for educational and medical purposes, and the speaker is creating a secondary channel for more experimental content.
    • An astronaut explores snowy mountains on an alien planet with a big ship in the background and various equipment on top of the mountain.
    • The speaker envisions a future where machines, like discord bots, can provide real-time telemetry of our actions and give us advice based on that data, leading to a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.
    • Screen Side generates code for an application in just 10-5 minutes by drawing directly in Paint and providing instructions for button actions, but the visual part still takes some time and the use of artificial intelligence in multimodality is a new and interesting development.
    • GPT chat and fine-tuned models can be used for educational and medical purposes, allowing for the extraction of utilities and the combination of different subjects through the use of photos.
    • Learn how to do your taxes with Aretax GPT, a language model that explains the process but always consult with a human professional for accuracy, and also be cautious when using it for mathematical answers.
    • The speaker is creating a secondary channel for more current and experimental content, and mentions the release of GPT-4 and its potential impact.
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    The GPT model is like a brain, and while it has limitations, the upcoming GPT-4 model is more powerful and will be tested in a live stream tomorrow.
    • A GPT-type system works like the human brain, processing input data through layers of artificial neurons called transformers to extract patterns and features, using short-term and long-term memory, and producing a response based on trained predictions.
    • The speaker requests a poem in Spanish that rhymes and discusses the capabilities and limitations of the GPT model in language processing.
    • The lecture discusses the similarities between a GPT model and the reflection of ancestral wisdom in human flesh and bones, and mentions the upcoming release of the more powerful GPT-4 model.
    • The object that the main character in the drawings normally holds is a katana, which originates from Japan.
    • Tomorrow there will be a live stream dedicated to testing the functionalities of GPT-4, which has the potential to contribute positively but also generate negative aspects such as prejudice in the workplace and sudden changes.
    • The speaker discusses the development of GPT technology over the past few years and expresses gratitude to viewers for their support.
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