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NVIDIA's AI can create realistic images from text input using powerful GAN-based techniques and proper latent-space exploration, allowing for smooth morphing animation between fonts and real-time image and video synthesis.

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    NVIDIA has developed a new AI that can generate images from text input.
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    The new paper called StyleGAN-T is a GAN-based technique that is excellent at latent-space interpolation.
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    A new technique allows for proper latent-space exploration for text to image by creating interesting 2D spaces and exploring nearby points to get a smooth morphing animation between fonts.
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    Stable Diffusion technique produces jumpy results while the new technique provides more continuous results and allows for exploration of latent spaces.
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    The speaker discusses the ability to use interpolation to create images based on prompts, allowing for the selection of an adorable corgi before it morphs into a cat.
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    Latent-space exploration is a key feature and it is fast.
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    Real-time AI image and video synthesis is now possible with animations being made in 0.1 seconds per image, but there are still some limitations.
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    There is no perfect text to image AI technique yet, but new papers are constantly improving the existing ones.
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