10 Useful Things You Can Do with AI: Chat GPT Examples

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Chat GPT Examples - 10 SERIOUSLY USEFUL Things YOU Can do with AI!" by They Call Me Hoz
TLDR The video covers a variety of topics including photography, digital technology, crypto passwords, AI, hotel reviews, legal documents, apartment rentals, and SEO, but the key idea is to stay informed and adaptable in order to succeed in a constantly changing world.

Key insights

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    Collaborate with influencers, celebrities, and explore new distribution channels such as e-commerce to reach a wider audience and expand into related areas for business growth.
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    Let the AI do the work of finding cons before spending money on something, saving time and brain power.
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    AI can simplify and summarize complex legal documents, making it easier for individuals to understand and navigate contracts and agreements.
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    AI can assist in creating tenancy agreements, saving time and effort for individuals.
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    The goal of the letter is to get the penalty reduced or removed, but the speaker wants to avoid directly mentioning these outcomes and instead aims to sound apologetic and emphasize their genuine mistake.

Timestamped Summary

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    Learn 10 amazing facts about chart GPT, but only focus on pre-2012 data as the future is unpredictable.
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    Embrace digital tech, collaborate with influencers, and invest in R&D to stay ahead of competition and survive in the photography market.
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    Creating a SAS for storing crypto passwords involves defining, prototyping, validating, developing, deploying, promoting, and supporting, but security concerns, competition, and lack of demand may pose challenges.
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    Use AI to find relevant accounts to follow and ask for the cons of spending money on something to save time and brain power, while The Savoy Hotel in London is a luxury hotel with high rates, potential noise issues, crowded public areas, and some rooms may have smaller bathrooms or fewer modern amenities due to its age.
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    Use chatgpt to summarize interesting articles and pages for urgent and informal discussions, and jtbt to simplify and point out cons in legal documents.
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    Rent a two-bedroom apartment in Liverpool for 900 pounds/month with a 900 pound deposit, no pets allowed, no lift, car park, or communal garden, located near Liverpool Town Center.
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    Writer appeals parking ticket received outside ABCD store opposite Liverpool station, citing urgent meeting and financial concerns.
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    John Smith, a marketing manager with limited SEO knowledge and time, seeks to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings through an online SEO course.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Chat GPT Examples - 10 SERIOUSLY USEFUL Things YOU Can do with AI!" by They Call Me Hoz
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