Advancements in AI Technology: ChatGPT Dethroned and New Tools for Small Businesses

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Pourquoi ChatGPT vient de se faire détrôner" by Underscore_
TLDR The video discusses advancements in AI technology, including tools for small businesses, open source code for chatbot training, and improved accessibility and cost-effectiveness of GPT-3, but also raises concerns about potential misuse.

Key insights

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    Running models like Cat GPT is extremely costly in energy and resources, with GPUs costing thousands to millions of euros.
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    The idea that heavy technology could never run locally on your phone for everyday assistance has been proven wrong in just a few weeks.
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    The weight of GPT-3's parameters at 165 billion is mind-boggling and outperforms other best-known models in existence.
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    A guy reimplemented Facebook's code in C++ and released liama CPP, allowing anyone to run liama models without needing a huge Nvidia card.
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    The smaller model of GPT can still provide relevant responses, challenging the notion that bigger models are always better.
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    Fine tuning GPT-3 for a specific task is cost-effective and efficient compared to paying for specialized models.
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    AI-generated scams and spam could become more sophisticated and personalized, posing a significant threat to cybersecurity.


  • What are the challenges for smaller companies in running models like GPT?

    Running models like GPT requires expensive GPUs and server clusters, making it difficult for smaller companies to compete due to the high cost of energy and resources.

  • How has Facebook made it possible to build a business without third-party dependence?

    Facebook's research department has developed tools that can run locally on your phone, allowing businesses to operate without relying on third parties and paying significant fees.

  • What is Liama and why was it released as open source code?

    Liama is an open source code for the LLM model developed by Yann Lecun, released to enable the scientific community to better understand and advance research in chatbot training.

  • Can anyone run liama models on their CPU?

    Yes, anyone can run liama models on their CPU after a guy released liama CPP, which allows for the download and execution of liama models without the need for specialized equipment.

  • How does GPT-3 make AI more accessible and cost-effective?

    GPT-3 allows for fine tuning and creating ultra-optimized versions for specific tasks, making it more accessible and cost-effective for users.

Timestamped Summary

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    Small companies struggle to compete with larger ones in running complex AI models like GPT due to high costs of energy and resources.
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    Facebook's research department has created tools for building businesses on your phone without relying on third parties or paying fees.
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    Yann Lecun releases open source code for Liama model to advance chatbot training research.
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    A guy released liama CPP, allowing anyone to run Facebook's liama models on their CPU.
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    A virtual assistant with a small model and efficient filtering capabilities can be accessed through a terminal window.
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    GPT-3 is now more accessible and cost-effective for users with the ability to fine tune and create ultra-optimized versions for specific tasks.
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    Private image generation solutions have diffused and improved, allowing for better control and iteration by hackers and researchers.
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    The use of GPT-3 can lead to more spam and scams, but it's easily accessible for personal use.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Pourquoi ChatGPT vient de se faire détrôner" by Underscore_
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