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The video discusses the advancements in AI technology, including the updated version of Chat using GPT-4, Duolingo's paid chatbot, and Microsoft's neural network update 5, which improves photorealism and doubles picture resolution.

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    An updated version of Chat. G54 was released, which uses gpt4 and is able to pass tests as 10 percent of the best university students, surpassing the previous version 3.5 by a significant margin.
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    New AI model is better at handling complex tasks and can communicate through multiple modes, including text, video, photo, and audio.
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    GPT-4 can create functional websites and applications with minimal input and fix mistakes in a matter of minutes without user involvement.
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    The Duolingo language learning app has a paid chatbot that allows you to practice communication skills with artificial intelligence, which supports conversations on any topic and can even check your homework from photos, currently available only in Spanish and French courses.
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    OpenAI's GPT-4 can process 25,000 characters of text, but you can use the free alternative in Bing browser to avoid the $20 monthly subscription fee.
    • OpenAI's new GPT-4 model can process up to 25,000 characters of text, but the $20 monthly subscription fee can be avoided by using the free alternative in the Bing browser.
    • Log in to Microsoft account, turn on VPN to USA, go to new Bingo website, wait in line, access Bing website through browser, wait for acceptance to chat with Bot.
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    Microsoft's neural network has been updated to version 5, resulting in improved photorealism, a wider stylistic range, doubled picture resolution, and better handling of fine details.
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    New features added to the image generation tool include the ability to generate images with any aspect ratio, improved generation of a large number of objects in one photo, and the ability to generate minimalistic drawings for backgrounds.
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    Adjust the similarity percentage of the generated image to the reference image by specifying a parameter value between 0.5 and 2, activate the fifth version of the neural network by writing the command slash settings in Discord, and stay updated on news related to neural networks by subscribing to the Telegram and YouTube channels.
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