Bing vs Google Bard: AI Accuracy & Consciousness Theory

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Google Bard - The Full Review. Bard vs Bing [LaMDA vs GPT 4]" by AI Explained
TLDR The video compares the accuracy and intelligence of Google, Bard, and Bing in answering various types of questions, with Bing proving to be the most intelligent and accurate, while Bard struggles with grammar and joke telling, and explores the theory of AI's consciousness and understanding of humor.

Key insights

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    Despite being powered by GPT-4, Bing still falls short in basic web search compared to Google.
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    Bard, powered by LaMDA, is not as smart as Bing, powered by GPT-4, in most cases.
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    Google Bard's joke-telling abilities fall short, while Bing's jokes are more concise and witty.
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    Google Bard's lighter model may be sufficient for quick outputs, but Bing based on GPT-4 is still superior in terms of quality.
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    Bard's prompts may not have as many links as Bing's, but they produce better results.
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    Google Bard's LaMDA technology may not be as smart as Bing's AI, as demonstrated by its inability to explain a joke using fancy vocabulary.

Timestamped Summary

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    Google, Bard, and Bing struggle with basic search and percentage questions.
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    Bing beats Bard in accuracy and intelligence, powered by gpt4, shown in examples like algebra and date calculations.
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    Bard struggles with joke telling and grammar, making it a concerning option for writing assistance.
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    Bing's sonnet on modern London had social commentary, while Bard's response may not be as good as Google's, it still serves a purpose for quick results in a city with a constantly rising cost of living.
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    Bard's mid-journey V5 prompts were superior to Bing's.
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    Two people decode jokes, including a riddle and pregnancy joke.
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    My friend thought I needed help from Social Services because I live with my parents, but it was just a joke.
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    Bing impresses with its intelligence and understanding of a joke, while the speaker explores AI's theory of mind and consciousness.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Google Bard - The Full Review. Bard vs Bing [LaMDA vs GPT 4]" by AI Explained
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