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The video discusses various AI tools and technologies that can enhance online experiences, from Cyberghost VPN for safe and global streaming to Adobe Podcast's AI for audio quality, and predicts a major AI boom in 2023.

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    Synthesis Ex is a Google Chrome extension that generates a different image with the same aesthetics or main idea of the original image using Artificial Intelligence, and Cyberghost VPN is a great VPN service that encrypts your information to keep you safe on the internet and allows you to access streaming content from different countries.
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    CyberGhost is a platform that allows access to over 40 streaming services on all platforms, with a subscription allowing connection to up to 7 devices and a discount of about $2 per month with four months free.
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    2023 will see a major AI boom, with Gpt integrated into Bing search engine for users to experience its benefits.
    • Artificial Intelligence is undergoing a revolution and 2023 will be the year of a true boom.
    • Gpt is the most advanced and accessible AI integrated into the new Bing search engine, allowing users to register for the Beta phase and experience its benefits in their day-to-day lives through the Bing application on their mobile devices.
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    Adobe Podcast's artificial intelligence improves the audio quality of any recording, making it sound like a professional recording studio, and it's free by logging into their page.
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    A new tool in beta phase allows users to imagine and create designs in Discord channels, with the option to expand and refine ideas, making it a useful tool for creating logos and web pages.
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    DeepL is a context translator that understands expressions and provides different options similar to the intended meaning, unlike Google Translate.
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    Deep l is an AI tool that can clean up images and remove unwanted objects, with room for improvement.
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    Zoho's AI tool can revolutionize data synthesis and presentations, while voice synthesizers and text-to-speech technologies may be the future of internet videos.
    • Artificial intelligence tools can make daily tasks easier, and one practical recommendation is a presentation preparation website that generates images from text.
    • Zoho is an AI tool that can generate intelligent graphics for tables and has the potential to revolutionize data synthesis and presentations.
    • Voice synthesizers and text-to-speech technologies are advancing rapidly and may be the future of videos on the internet.
    • You can generate an avatar with customizable features and a background video, which can be used to create a video of a person speaking, but there may be small details that reveal it is not entirely human.
    • The speaker discusses the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence and shares 10 tools that have impressed him.
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