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The video demonstrates how to create a custom conversational bot using Radio Python package and OpenAI APIs, and explores the potential for content monetization and personal growth through technology.

  • 💸
    The speaker lost all their money in the crypto market and their wife left them, but they can cope and rebuild their life by finding new passions and exploring ways to monetize their teaching and YouTube videos.
  • 🚀
    Open AI released new APIs, Chat GPT and Whisper, and a speaker built a front-end app using both in 30 lines of code and 30 minutes, demonstrating the power of the radio library for creating interactive ML applications and using Whisper for content monetization.
    • Open AI released two new APIs, Chat GPT and Whisper, and the speaker built a front-end application using both APIs in just 30 lines of code and 30 minutes.
    • The speaker demonstrated a powerful application using a user interface library called radio, which makes it easy for machine learning engineers and data scientists to create interactive applications without needing to be trained in full stack web development.
    • The speaker demonstrated how to use audio input to record from a microphone and transcribe it using the new Whisper API for content monetization.
    • The speaker uses open AI servers to transcribe their voice to text, sends it to chat GPT API for a dialogue, and pipes the response to their operating system to create a synthesized voice.
  • 🎧
    Create a custom conversational bot using Radio Python package and Grado's audio input component for speech-to-text transcription.
    • To create a basic Radio application, install the Radio Python package and import it into a new interface with defined inputs, outputs, and transformation functions.
    • Create your own custom conversational bot using the input and output text fields and the chat GPT API, as chat bots are becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.
    • Grado has a component for audio input which can be sourced from either a file or microphone.
    • The interface uses audio input to transcribe speech into text using a function called transcribe.
  • 🎤
    How to record audio input and use OpenAI Speech to Text API to transcribe it, followed by exploring the chat GPT API and the new GPT 3.5 turbo model.
    • The speaker demonstrated how to change the input type to audio and record from the microphone with minimal code, and printed the audio input for further processing.
    • The speaker imports the OpenAI Speech to Text API and generates an API key to use it.
    • The speaker creates a web application that transcribes audio using OpenAI and then explores how to use the chat GPT API.
    • The new GPT 3.5 turbo model is better and 10 times cheaper, and with the rapid advancements in technology, it's going to blow our minds with what's possible in the next few months.
  • 💬
    Define chatbot behavior and test with therapist role; Seek support to overcome gambling addiction.
    • The speaker creates a list of chat messages with different roles and keys, defining the behavior of the chatbot, and tests it by sending a message to their therapist role.
    • Gambling addiction is difficult to overcome, but help is available and it's important to seek support.
  • 🗣️
    Keep track of chat messages by initializing a list and appending new messages, then loop through and record them to create a chat transcript.
    • The speaker is able to talk to the chat GPT API using their voice and keep track of all the messages by keeping a list of messages at the top globally.
    • The speaker initializes a list of messages and appends new messages to it, including user input and responses from a chatbot.
    • The speaker explains how to store and append system messages in a chat dialogue with a therapist using a dictionary and a list.
    • The speaker explains how to create a chat transcript by looping through messages and recording them, then converting it to plain text and returning it.
  • 🎲
    Struggling with a gambling addiction; 🤖 A system that provides concise responses based on specific instructions; 💻 Mac OS X has a command to make the computer speak in Python.
    • The speaker admits to having a gambling addiction and shares a message about struggling with a difficult situation.
    • The system allows users to receive concise responses to their queries by providing specific instructions on how to respond, such as requesting a response in the style of rapper Jay-Z.
    • Mac OS X has a command called "say" that can be used in Python to make the computer speak.
  • 💸
    To overcome addiction to the stock market, identify the root cause and consider investing in index funds with less volatility.
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