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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "CHAT GPT 4'ü ÜCRETSİZ KULLAN | Bing Yapay Zeka" by Ozan Sihay
TLDR The video highlights the importance of artificial intelligence for future success and showcases various ways in which AI is being integrated into different industries and aspects of life.

Key insights

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    Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a crucial aspect of every sector, and those who fail to adapt and utilize it effectively will start to fall behind in the job market.
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    Users who have a Plus membership and pay $20 or more per month can now use Chat GPT 4 for free, making it a more accessible and affordable option for AI-powered chat interactions.
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    AI can provide suggestions for creating a story based on different scenarios, enhancing the creative process for writers.
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    The use of AI-powered chatbots like Bingin can assist in generating creative story ideas and help with the writing process.
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    The use of AI-powered tools can speed up the process of writing emails and improve productivity in our daily lives.
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    AI can help summarize long texts, saving time and effort in reading and understanding large amounts of information.
  • Artificial intelligence has entered our lives rapidly and should be utilized effectively, as it has the potential to greatly enhance our daily lives and work.


  • Why is artificial intelligence important for future success?

    Artificial intelligence is crucial for success in all fields and sectors as it becomes increasingly prevalent and important in the coming years.

  • How has Microsoft integrated AI into their search engine?

    Microsoft has integrated OpenAI's chatbot technology into their search engine Bing, allowing users to chat with AI and compete with Google.

  • How can I access the AI chatbot on Bing?

    You can download Microsoft Edge and access the AI chatbot on to ask questions in three different speaking styles.

  • Can I request a specific story using AI?

    Yes, you can request a short story set in a dystopian world with specific character names and genre preferences using a website or mobile phone, but there may be potential delays or mistakes in the response.

  • How are screenwriters and game makers using AI tools?

    Screenwriters and game makers are increasingly using artificial intelligence tools like Chat CHP and Bing to assist in their work.

Timestamped Summary

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    Artificial intelligence is essential for success in the future.
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    Microsoft integrates OpenAI's chatbot technology into Bing, allowing users to chat with AI and compete with Google.
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    Climate change ravages the world, forcing humanity to adapt to new ways of living and surviving.
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    People in Turkey after 2050 face survival challenges from climate change, mutants, and natural disasters.
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    Screenwriters and game makers are using AI tools to assist in their work, while a guide teaches how to write a professional job application email.
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    The Fujifilm X T5 camera boasts compact and light body, high image quality, and remarkable features such as support for 6.2k video recording.
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    Learn HTML to create and customize a website.
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    Using AI can improve your work without taking your job, so embrace it.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "CHAT GPT 4'ü ÜCRETSİZ KULLAN | Bing Yapay Zeka" by Ozan Sihay
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