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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "争分夺秒!走进AI时代的三大起点,再不知道就要错失良机! | 回到Axton" by 回到Axton
TLDR Highlight the importance of learning essential skills in the AI era, such as building a Python environment, using JSON as a bridge, and mastering Prompt Engineering, in order to effectively communicate with AI and improve workflow.

Key insights

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    To use AI effectively, it's not enough to just have the right tools and technology, you need to understand how AI works and its underlying principles.
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    The ability to run open source projects on your own computer can give you a competitive advantage by allowing you to stay ahead of others in accessing and utilizing high-quality projects.
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    Python's different versions and library files can lead to conflicts when running multiple projects, but virtual environments can help avoid these problems.
  • ️ The easiest way to activate a Conda virtual environment is through the command line, providing a seamless transition from the base environment to the specific environment needed for a project.
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    JSON has become a standard for data exchange between different services and devices, highlighting its importance in the AI era.
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    JSON is a simple yet powerful format for organizing and storing information, with key-value pairs providing clear and unambiguous data representation.
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    Prompt engineering is a crucial skill in the AI era, as the effectiveness of communication between AI and humans depends on the quality of the prompt given.
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    Clear and logical expression remains a valuable skill even as AI becomes more intelligent, highlighting the ongoing importance of Prompt Engineering.

Timestamped Summary

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    Learn the three essential skills in the AI era: building a Python environment, using JSON as a bridge, and mastering Prompt Engineering; running open source projects on your computer gives you an advantage; configure a Conda environment for AI projects.
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    Creating separate virtual environments for each project using Conda can prevent conflicts and ensure smooth operation when working with different versions of Python and supporting library files in data science and AI.
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    Choose a compatible version of CPU for macOS, change installation location to fix permission issues, and use Anaconda's Navigator as a virtual environment management tool.
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    Choose the appropriate Python version and use Conda's virtual environment to easily switch between environments and install library files, simplifying management and avoiding issues in open source projects.
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    JSON is a concise and clear format for effective communication with AI, allowing specific information to be obtained from ChatGPT without unnecessary details.
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    Understanding and constructing optimal prompts in the AI era, particularly in the field of AI, is crucial and highly valued, with Python being a key language to learn.
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    Learn Prompt Engineering to effectively communicate with AI, an online course called AI Practical School is being prepared to teach practical application of AI in engineering, and Axton compares a rainy day to an automated workflow.
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    Using artificial intelligence to simplify workflow and increase course visibility is important for increasing course enrollments, and following the IRSE prompt structure endorsed by the CEO of OpenAI in ChatGPT custom instructions may produce better results.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "争分夺秒!走进AI时代的三大起点,再不知道就要错失良机! | 回到Axton" by 回到Axton
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