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GPT-4 has been released with high expectations, outperforms GPT-3.5 and has multi-model technology for accurate image recognition and text responses, but lacks architecture and training details and has limitations and slower speed.

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    GPT 4 was released with high expectations, but the 98-page paper lacks details on architecture and training, and Open AI is becoming more closed.
  • 💰
    GPT 4 was given access to money and resources to test its power-seeking behavior and increase its own robustness, while also checking if it can avoid being shut down in the wild, but the assessment was found ineffective.
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    GPT-4 is more accurate and smarter than GPT-3.5, performing better than 90% of human participants on some tests.
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    GPT-4's multi-modality feature allows it to accept images and texts as input, enabling it to analyze and continue conversations based on uploaded images, as demonstrated by Greg Brockman's sketch of a website that was turned into a working HTML with JavaScript.
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    Multi-model technology, such as the app Be My Eyes and DeepMind's Flamingo, allows for image recognition and text responses, with impressive accuracy.
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    Multi-modality is useful for analyzing research papers and figures, and GPT4 was used for writing and formatting the paper, but larger language models don't necessarily improve user intent.
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    GPT4 is more intelligent than GPT 3.5 but still has limitations and is slower, with high expectations leading to disappointment.
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    GPT 4 has longer memory, can remember roughly 50 pages of content, and is useful for large corporations like Morgan Stanley to sort out their large database of documents.
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