Master AI in 5 Minutes: New Chrome Extensions & Digital Currency Testing

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Chat GPT 어렵다구요..? 5분으로 신세계를 누리세요.. "이것" 4개만 깔면 됩니다." by 월텍남 - 월스트리트 테크남
TLDR The video discusses the latest developments in AI technology, including new extensions on Chrome Web Store, the testing of a digital currency by South Korea's central bank, and the need for individuals to continue learning new skills to stay ahead in the AI era.

Key insights

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    Enabling extension programs for translation can solve the problem of errors and inaccurate translations.
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    Prompt ports for software applications like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, and Adobe's software can provide more accurate answers compared to general prompts, enhancing the capabilities of AI.
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    The downside of AI-generated text is that it cannot think creatively and is limited to using a narrow set of words.
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    "Become an irreplaceable problem. Find what AI can't do."
  • ️ The speed of technological innovation in the AI era is expected to be much faster than imagined, with machine learning papers multiplying and knowledge being copied and shared.

Timestamped Summary

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    Chrome Web Store offers various extensions, such as Google, GPT Auto Translator, and Web Chat gpt.
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    South Korea's central bank is testing a digital currency in a pilot program, aiming to launch a CBDC in 2021.
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    A new prompt optimizer called aiprm has been introduced to improve the efficiency of GPT's prompt usage.
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    Specialized prompt ports can improve accuracy when using GPT for specific software applications.
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    A YouTuber defends their job against AI with humor and enthusiasm using a script creator.
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    The lecture notes are straightforward but lack creativity and humor, with examples including a general transforming into a robot parrot reaching for a pencil.
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    Keep learning new skills and finding what AI can't do to stay ahead in the game.
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    Generative AI is booming, requiring new skills to adapt to the AI era.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Chat GPT 어렵다구요..? 5분으로 신세계를 누리세요.. "이것" 4개만 깔면 됩니다." by 월텍남 - 월스트리트 테크남
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