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The video provides tips and tools for using GPT-3 effectively, including personalized diets, connecting with other applications, using Excel and Google extensions, and improving productivity with AI-powered email assistants.

  • 🤖
    Learn to use GPT-3 like a pro by creating an account and accessing the chat.
    • Learn how to use GPT-3 like a professional by following detailed tricks and starting with the basics of creating an account.
    • To access the GPT chat, create an account or login with Google or Microsoft.
  • 💬
    Use a phone number to verify, then get text-based assistance; learn about "pront" to improve GPT effectiveness; start new chats for personalized answers; acknowledge expertise for best results.
    • The platform requires a phone number for verification, but once inside, it can perform a variety of tasks and return them in text format.
    • Learn about the concept of "pront" to alleviate negative consequences of using GPT and improve its effectiveness.
    • To obtain more personalized and valuable answers, it is important to start a new chat or prompt when asking a question that differs from previous conversations.
    • To get a personalized and elaborate answer from an expert, start by acknowledging their expertise and clearly stating your task, while encouraging them to ask necessary questions for the best possible answer.
  • 🍽️
    Personalized diets are important and can be tailored to individual needs based on factors such as age, sex, weight, height, level of physical activity, nutritional goals, food preferences, and budget.
    • Different body weights require different diets, and an upcoming series will explore how to tailor diets to individual needs.
    • Personalizing a diet requires taking into account factors such as age, sex, weight, height, level of physical activity, nutritional goals, food preferences, and budget.
    • Personalized answers can be given by providing more information about oneself, such as health goals, exercise routine, and dietary preferences.
    • The speaker discusses how they provide information to their trainer about their physical activity and dietary needs, which allows for a personalized diet plan to be created and adjusted based on specific amounts and a shopping list.
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    Use cha gpt to connect with other applications and obtain personalized answers, with temperature affecting creativity and diversity of responses.
    • Use cha gpt to structure conversations and obtain personalized answers, and connect it with other applications like Google chip and Google doc through playground, which is even better than gpt chat and has no limitations.
    • Temperature in Open AI can influence creativity and diversity of answers, with cold temperatures limiting creativity and hot temperatures allowing for more creative and varied responses.
    • The playground platform allows for communication with other applications through an API, which enables data sharing between different platforms.
    • The model part allows us to choose the algorithm and the codex part is a technical aspect for developers, with the temperature parameter helping to avoid exceeding the credit limit.
  • 📊
    Use Excel's "write gpt" function to simplify tasks like removing emoticons and solving equations.
    • Connect via API to Google spreadsheet by creating a new epicy and installing the chat gpt add-on to activate functionalities and paste the API key for connection with playground account.
    • Learn how to use the "write gpt" function in Excel to perform various tasks such as removing emoticons, extracting first names, and solving mathematical equations.
    • The speaker demonstrates how to use Excel to calculate formulas, including a simple example of calculating 10% of a given value.
  • 🤖
    Use the 📝 artificial idea extension in Google documents for automatic writing prompts and efficient task completion.
    • To use the artificial idea extension in Google documents, simply install it and activate it within the same cloud platform, allowing for automatic writing prompts and preventing the need to switch between platforms.
    • We can choose from various Open language models with different levels of power and modify settings such as temperature and maximum touches to work efficiently with AI on documents and tasks, and install extensions in our Google Chrome browser for additional functionalities.
    • Web chat gpt is an extension that connects our gpt chat account to the internet, providing super updated results beyond 2021.
  • 💻
    Google Chrome extensions can improve productivity with features such as a GPT platform for quick answers, voice control for PowerPoint, personalized email assistants, and a chat GPT writer for messaging.
    • Enter the first three search results in web search to get a brief summary of information, and it is recommended to only use the first result.
    • The second extension, gpt chat for Google and personally, allows users to see personalized responses on the same Google page by installing it and selecting when it should be triggered.
    • The video proposes four extensions, including a GPT platform for quick and specific answers, a Voice Control extension for PowerPoint, a personalized assistant for writing emails, and a chat GPT writer for sending messages.
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    The extension generates responses based on emails received and the use of artificial intelligence will not take anyone's job, but those who can use it better will be more efficient.
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