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The video discusses the potential uses and limitations of Open AI's GPT-3 chat feature, including its ability to generate content and its impact on the job market, as well as providing tips for starting a successful business.

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    Learn how to use artificial intelligence and GPT chat by visiting Open AI's website and trying out their GPT-3 chat feature.
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    GPT Chat has gained over a million users in just five days, requiring users to leave their email to be notified when they can enter and sometimes requiring a refresh to access the login button.
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    The tool allows users to save and delete searches, switch to night mode, access a Discord channel, and provides examples and limitations for using GPT chat.
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    Learn how to come up with creative ideas for a 10-year-old boy's birthday and ask more complex questions like making an http request in javascript, while also being able to reject inappropriate requests and remember previous conversations.
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    Artificial intelligence can generate harmful and biased content, but it is limited to information only until 2021 and can respond to queries and generate content.
    • Artificial intelligence can generate harmful and biased content, and while it can respond to almost everything, it is important to note that it is not connected to the internet and has information only until 2021.
    • Test two types of queries in GPT Chat: for queries and to generate content.
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    Identify target audience, design plan, test idea, raise capital if needed - 6 steps to start a successful business.
    • The speaker asks for likes, comments, and subscriptions to their channel to learn more about using Artificial Intelligence for consultation and content generation, and poses a generic question about validating a business idea in six steps.
    • To start a successful business, identify your target audience, design a plan, test your idea, and raise necessary capital if needed.
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    GPT chat can be used to complete previous queries, test ideas in small groups, ask new questions, and generate content.
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    AI can create content for blogs and online academies, disrupt job market for article writers, create new job opportunities, and convert text into videos for income.
    • Using artificial intelligence can help create content for blogs and online academies, leading to increased visibility and engagement.
    • Creating powerful articles on how to make videos interactive can be done quickly and efficiently using AI technology, potentially disrupting the job market for those who specialize in writing such articles.
    • Artificial intelligence can create new job opportunities and generate income through services such as chat GPT-3, but it is important to review content before selling or publishing.
    • Artificial intelligence tools can be used to convert text into videos, generating income with minimal work and feeding blogs and YouTube channels.
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