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OpenAI launches GPT-4, an advanced AI model with better performance, creativity, and multilingual communication, capable of solving complex tasks including image-based ones, but only available to Chad GPT+ subscribers for $20/month.

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    OpenAI released a new GPT-4 model, which is an updated version of the previous GPT-3 model, with several new features.
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    The new GPT model has become more advanced and can now handle multimodal inputs, but it is still far from perfect.
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    GPT-4 is a more advanced model than GPT-3.5, with better performance in complex tasks, more robust and creative, able to handle finer instructions, and communicate better in many languages.
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    The new GPT-4 model has some limitations, but it can handle tasks that previous models couldn't, and it is currently only available to Chad GPT+ subscribers for $20 a month.
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    The new GPT-4 model understands deep context better and can solve complex tasks, including image-based tasks, providing step-by-step solutions and explanations.
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    OpenAI's GPT can now explain memes and generate websites from sketches, with improved results.
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    Tea GPT can now have behavior parameters set for specific professions and users have created games using the model, showcasing its impressive capabilities.
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    A guy asked Chad to compare the information of two people from a dating app and their personal data to determine if they fit each other as a couple, and then asked for a list of questions to find out all the necessary parameters.
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