Revolutionize Your Art with Leonardo AI: Create Custom AI Models in Minutes

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "MidJourney in Danger! Free AI Art Tool is Taking The #1 Spot" by Maximize
TLDR Create custom AI models quickly and easily with Leonardo AI.

Key insights

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    Leonardo Ai is a new and free AI art tool that can create impressive and unique images, surpassing the capabilities of MidJourney.
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    The AI art tool allows users to generate images by selecting different models and adjusting image dimensions, making it easy to create customized artwork.
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    While the tool is currently free, there are plans to introduce pricing options in the future, offering more generations to those who opt for a membership.
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    The tool also allows users to unzoom images, creating a larger picture, although upscaling the unzoomed image is not currently possible.
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    Users can draw inspiration from other people's creations and easily incorporate their chosen style into their own artwork, making it convenient to personalize and adapt different artistic styles.
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    By training your own AI model with specific images, you can create any image in the style that you want, giving you more control over the artistic output.


  • What is

    — is a free tool that generates images and art using AI technology.

  • How can I access

    — You can access by joining the Discord server and following a simple introduction process.

  • What can I create with Leonardo?

    — With Leonardo, you can create art using a cyberpunk character V1 and a fine-tuned model to generate images.

  • Can I customize the generated images?

    — Yes, you can customize the generated images by selecting a model, entering image dimensions, and providing a prompt.

  • Can I create my own AI models with Leonardo?

    — Yes, you can create your own AI models for free by training and uploading data sets of at least 5-30 images in the desired style.

Timestamped Summary

  • 🎨
    Create art with Leonardo, a free tool accessible through Discord.
  • 🤖
    Generate images with a model by entering image dimensions and a prompt.
  • 🐱
    Generate a free cyberpunk cat illustration.
  • 🔍
    Unzoom images to remove background and upskill them for future use.
  • 🤖
    Create your own futuristic robot with Leonardo Ai's free, fast, and varied gaming models!
  • 🤖
    Create your own AI models by training and uploading data sets of 5-30 images.
  • 🤖
    Created my own model and generated images in 5 minutes.
  • 🤖
    Create custom models quickly with Leonardo AI!
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "MidJourney in Danger! Free AI Art Tool is Taking The #1 Spot" by Maximize
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