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This is a summary of a YouTube video "【ChatGPT】テキスト生成AIの実力は?アフター検索の未来図も?" by ABEMA 変わる報道番組 #アベプラ【公式】!
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The video discusses various topics related to AI, including its potential to revolutionize industries, ethical considerations for responsible implementation, the threat of chatbot services to competitors, caution against fake news, and the importance of embracing diversity and using tools to overcome division.

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    Chat GPT AI service can revolutionize writing, but is banned in schools.
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    AI has potential to revolutionize industries, but ethical considerations must be prioritized for responsible implementation.
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    A chatbot service with versatile capabilities, including translation and customer service, poses a threat to competitors due to its ability to establish proper conversations.
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    An American company has been conducting R&D on an undisclosed topic using Japanese literature data, with promising results.
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    Be cautious of fake news as it can be easily created and consumed, emphasizing the need for vigilance in today's world.
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    Noriya Usami, with experience in economic and industrial policy and trade relations with the US, China, and South Korea, held various roles at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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    Microsoft's Bing may become a default search engine, posing a threat to Google's search market dominance.
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    It's crucial to embrace diversity, communicate effectively, participate in social and political activities, and use tools like Endless Glasses to overcome division.
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This is a summary of a YouTube video "【ChatGPT】テキスト生成AIの実力は?アフター検索の未来図も?" by ABEMA 変わる報道番組 #アベプラ【公式】!
4.5 (79 votes)