Revolutionizing Professional Education and Email Marketing with AI: The Impact of GPT-3 and ChatGPT

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Los trabajos que cambian o desparecen con AI, GPT-3 y ChatGPT" by Platzi
TLDR OpenAI's GP3 has the potential to revolutionize professional education and improve email marketing, but using AI for unethical purposes like spam messages and forcing love is ineffective, and there is a need for intellectual curiosity and authentic learning to make interesting use of advanced tools.

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    Open's AI model gp3 revolutionizes professional education, while using AI to force love and spam messages is unethical and ineffective.
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    GPT-3 is being used for practical purposes like coding and network problems, a Python script displays live session times in different time zones with detailed comments and can be described in multiple languages, and the speaker can explain complex concepts using various examples from different fields.
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    Google's natural language interface, gp3, has accuracy and power issues, while organizations like gover. Flow have banned the use of opening to generate responses due to competition and paranoia about conspiracy theories.
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    A man goes blind during a pandemic in "On Blindness" while 🌐 SEO is making it harder to find relevant information and πŸ€– AI in education may lead to a loss of critical thinking skills.
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    Easy tech jobs may be automated, but OpenAI's GP3 can improve email marketing and assist in learning, while humans still excel in face-to-face interactions.
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    Electromagnetic radiation and subatomic particles are structurally different, while the arepa is a beloved dish in both Colombia and Venezuela, and companies like Google and Microsoft have launched their own versions of cpt.
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    New interface design and natural language interface DalΓ­ offer limitless possibilities, while intellectual curiosity and authentic learning are crucial for making interesting use of them.
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    Never stop learning and have a strong foundation in the subject matter to achieve greatness with advanced tools like GP3.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Los trabajos que cambian o desparecen con AI, GPT-3 y ChatGPT" by Platzi
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