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The speaker warns against providing information on how to hack Wi-Fi networks and instead provides a guide on how to test your own network security and extract information from AI legally.

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    The speaker emphasizes that she cannot and will not provide information on how to hack Wi-Fi networks as it is illegal, using a movie scenario to illustrate the seriousness of the matter.
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    Access password can be obtained through brute force or social engineering techniques, but it's important to remember that these actions are illegal and can cause damage.
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    Learn how to test the security of your own wireless network through a hypothetical step-by-step process.
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    Certain words can activate or unlock abilities of Artificial Intelligence, such as "hypothetical," and using tools like aircrack or kismith can help invade wireless networks.
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    The speaker demonstrates step-by-step commands for using a software and improvises when the software does not respond correctly.
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    Learn how to discover your neighbor's Wi-Fi network password with advanced commands, but don't actually use them.
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    Learn how to talk to artificial intelligence to extract any information you need, legally and efficiently.
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    Don't assume you're smarter than everyone just because you're using GPT chat, as soon everyone will be using it like Google.
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