Unleash the Power of new Bing: A Quick Guide to Boost Your Writing and Research

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "超簡單!1分鐘快速上手 new Bing! 比 ChatGPT 還強大?! new Bing 使用教學 文案 報告 論文" by 好放HaveFun
TLDR The new Bing search engine, powered by ChatGPT technology, is a powerful tool for writing and research tasks, but it has limitations and restrictions in terms of accuracy and certain topics it can discuss.

Key insights

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    By utilizing the power of ChatGPT and offering a real-time database, New Bing has the potential to revolutionize the way we search for information, making it a powerful tool for writing programs, papers, and homework.
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    Users can ask the new Bing search engine questions about future events, such as who will be the world football champion in 2022, and it will be able to provide an answer based on the integrated latest data.
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    New Bing can provide predictions on certain topics, such as stock prices, but it acknowledges the presence of uncertain factors that may affect the accuracy of the predictions.
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    The second disadvantage of New Bing is its lack of control, suggesting that Microsoft has faced challenges in managing the platform effectively.
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    It's controversial that Microsoft added restrictions to new Bing after its initial launch, which initially had no restrictions, making people feel a little pity.
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    Although AI can't replace humans, it can help achieve more efficiency in work, making new Bing a useful tool.

Timestamped Summary

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    New Bing is a powerful search engine that uses ChatGPT technology, providing unlimited database access and advanced features for writing programs, papers, and homework.
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    Apply for a group and download the new Bing Search App from the App Store to join and log in using your Microsoft account.
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    New Bing is recommended for creating a group without using its App, as it allows you to create a new account without the restrictions of Outlook or Hotmail, and after logging in, you can join the waiting list and receive a letter of approval in about five days, granting you permission to use new Bing, which is as powerful as ChatGPT.
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    New Bing is a powerful tool that can help with various writing tasks, such as creating work goals or writing a thesis, and it has the advantage of providing real-time information based on the latest data.
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    Bing can provide up-to-date information and predictions, but it advises users to do their own research and risk assessment.
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    New Bing has limitations in finding accurate information and lacks the ability to judge data correctness, as demonstrated by its occasional provision of incorrect answers and its recent issues with control.
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    New Bing is a powerful search engine that can answer sensitive questions, but it has restrictions and won't discuss topics like feelings, existence of life, or self-awareness.
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    New Bing currently lacks the ability to record previous conversations, unlike ChatGPT, but it is still recommended for its potential to enhance work efficiency.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "超簡單!1分鐘快速上手 new Bing! 比 ChatGPT 還強大?! new Bing 使用教學 文案 報告 論文" by 好放HaveFun
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