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Chat GPT 3: cos'è, come usarlo e perchè RIVOLUZIONERÀ il MONDO

The GPT-3 chat by Open AI has advanced AI capabilities that could threaten many jobs, but it also has limitations and can be useful for problem-solving and quick information.

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    Today we will discuss GPT 3 chat, a product released by Open AI that could potentially put many jobs at risk due to its advanced AI capabilities.
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    GPT is a linguistic model that can interpret text and perform a variety of tasks, while Chat GPT combines this with a robot to provide context-specific answers.
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    Explore projects and tutorials on beta.openai.com, create an account to access GPT chat with its capabilities and limitations.
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    A BOT trained on textual data can explain complex concepts like quantum computing and provide personalized financial advice.
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    A tool that generates Java code to place items in a shopping cart can save developers a lot of time.
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    Universal knowledge has limitations, as demonstrated by the inability to answer a specific historical question.
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    The GPT model is not sentient or conscious and cannot provide a definitive answer on whether we are alone in the universe.
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    The company's artificial intelligence models have made significant progress, although they are not 100% accurate, they are a useful tool for problem-solving and obtaining information quickly.
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Chat GPT 3: cos'è, come usarlo e perchè RIVOLUZIONERÀ il MONDO