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The video discusses the potential of AI models and APIs, such as Open AI's GPT chat AI model, for creating specialized chatbots and improving user experience, as well as the importance of embracing AI for a competitive edge in specific domains.

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    Open AI introduced API access to their chat GPT AI model, allowing for integration into products and creating new ones, with potential for amazing SAS opportunities in 2023 that are affordable and don't require hardcore software engineering skills.
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    Chat DBT is an AI model that can assist with answering questions and conversations, and with the release of an API, it can be integrated into other products for a better user experience.
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    Feed Hive, a social media marketing tool, added an AI writing assistant that helps with creating content specific to social media and rejects tasks unrelated to it.
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    OpenAI's platform allows users to create a unique chat experience by tweaking the behavior of the model in their playground.
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    The chat model is trained to suggest writing about feed hype and can be customized with specific guidelines.
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    Use the provided code to interact with the API and create specialized chatbots for specific knowledge areas using the AI model, then set up a user-friendly UI using frameworks or no-code tools.
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    Fine-tuning the GPT3 model using OpenAI's tools can produce new YouTube scripts in a style and tone that sounds exactly like the user, and training a chatbot on a large data set can provide a competitive advantage in a specific domain.
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    AI is the next big thing and now is the time to get on board before it becomes mainstream.
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