Create Unique Images with Midjourney and Discord - A Complete Guide

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "🔥Полный гайд по работе с Midjourney" by Web Design Way / Никита Брусков
TLDR Midjorn and Discord provide tools to create unique images with different qualities, styles, and settings for commercial purposes.

Key insights

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    Creating a text channel in Midjourney allows users to communicate one-on-one with bots, providing a convenient way to work without the need for confirmation or dealing with extra tape.
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    The image enhancement process adds more details to the image, making it more detailed and not just a larger version.
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    Users can generate prompts and receive assistance from Midjourney by copying and pasting their requests, making the creative process more streamlined and efficient.
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    The use of color and camera perspective can greatly impact the realism and photorealism of digital images, offering a range of possibilities for designers and artists.
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    The G5 chat neural network can be used for various purposes, including designing games, generating ideas for books, and even writing personalized messages like birthday greetings.
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    Midjourney's blender mode allows users to upload multiple images and blend them together to create unique compositions.
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    The speaker suggests creating templates in Midjourney to easily insert frequently used requests and improve efficiency.
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    AI-powered tools like Midjourney can assist in designing websites by providing customizable templates and removing unwanted elements.


  • How do I access the working prompts on Midjorn?

    To access the working prompts on Midjorn, you need to register on their website and create an account.

  • What are the pricing options for using Midjorn and Discord?

    Midjorn offers a $10 option for 200 minutes or a $30 option for 20 hours of unlimited use in relax mode. However, it may be difficult to pay with a Russian card. Discord, on the other hand, allows for free unlimited requests.

  • How do I add a bot to a server on Discord?

    To add a bot to a server on Discord, you need to confirm your account and assign an email. Then, you can create a text channel and communicate with the bot.

  • Can I use the images created for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you can use the images created using Midjorn and Discord for commercial purposes. However, this is only allowed in the Private Mode network, and there is an option to add requests for 10-50 dollars.

  • How can I create a blended image using Midjorn?

    To create a blended image using Midjorn, you can upload multiple images to the blender mode, and they will have variations similar to the original image with different poses.

Timestamped Summary

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    Register on Midjorn to get access to cool working prompts and use Discord to get free unlimited requests.
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    Create a server, confirm your account, and add a bot to communicate one-on-one with it.
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    Create images with different qualities, styles, and settings, and use them for commercial purposes with a paid subscription to Relax Mod.
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    Create realistic images in 2-3 minutes with occasional refreshes and upscales, inspired by watching others work in the community or taking requests.
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    GPT-5 is a chat neural network which can be used to create requests and upload images to mix different styles.
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    Create unique images with Blender mode, orient them in two ways, and use double colons to add emphasis to words in a query.
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    Using weights and references to control requests, and writing descriptively to ensure understanding, can help find the best option for a given situation.
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    Test different options and add weights to images to create a cool 3D character with Grain.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "🔥Полный гайд по работе с Midjourney" by Web Design Way / Никита Брусков
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