Exploring the Advancements of GPT-4 AI: Multi-Modality and Increased Word Input

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "GPT4发布,排头兵越走越远了,多模态,到底是什么?" by 老范讲故事
TLDR The video discusses the new features and capabilities of GPT-4 AI, including multi-modality and increased word input, but emphasizes the need for exam reform and caution in relying too heavily on AI technology.

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    The highly anticipated GPT-4 AI function is now available, with new features including multi-modality, increased word input, and role setting capabilities.
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    GPT4 is a powerful AI that can outperform humans in exams and generate prompts for map artists, but exam reform is needed for its success.
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    GPT-4 passes adversarial testing and can now draw circuit diagrams, while the speaker shares tips on creating informative pictures and connecting an old VGA monitor to an iPhone.
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    Understanding how to read and analyze images and texts, including face recognition and QR codes, is an important skill in today's digital world.
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    Focal length corrects distortion in images for OCR, decolorization removes noise, panel analysis arranges words, and GPT4 organizes content to extract key points.
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    GPT4 needs to incorporate voice recognition to calculate tone and other details, while multi-modality in picture recognition involves recognizing more detailed things, including video and voice.
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    Subjective feelings cannot be used as a standard for evaluation, GPT-4 may still make mistakes despite advancements in technology, and reliance on AI technology can be dangerous if not used properly.
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    GPT 4 can chat one-on-one and may be able to join group chats in the future, with increasing output capabilities and potential for multi-person dialogue.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "GPT4发布,排头兵越走越远了,多模态,到底是什么?" by 老范讲故事
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