InvokeAI 3.0 - Enhanced with Nodes, Controlnet & Lora Support

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "InvokeAI 3.0 - NOW with Nodes, Controlnet and Lora Support" by Olivio Sarikas
TLDR InvokeAI 3.0 is an AI tool with new features and improvements, such as nodes, Controlnet, and Lora support, but it still requires coding knowledge and the UI needs improvement.

Key insights

  • 🌟
    Invoke 3.0 introduces nodes, allowing users to build complex automations and customize their own notes, providing a versatile AI tool for both fun and deep dives into AI.
  • 🖼️
    The updated version of InvokeAI includes a unified canvasive feature, which allows users to perform tasks such as in painting and out painting, expanding the range of creative possibilities.
  • 🌐
    Importing models from the internet in InvokeAI allows for easy integration and utilization of AI models, potentially speeding up the development process.
  • ⚙️
    The option to use sliders instead of number values in the settings makes it faster and easier to adjust various parameters for image generation in the interface.
  • 🌐
    Enabling control net allows users to add additional control nets and choose from different downloaded models, enhancing the customization and functionality of InvokeAI 3.0.
  • 📝
    Enabling dynamic prompts in InvokeAI 3.0 is as simple as clicking a button, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise.
  • 🖼️
    Image to image upscaling can improve the quality of a face in an image, resulting in better results.
  • 🌐
    Every image created with InvokeAI, even if it's text to image, will have a node-based structure, which opens up new possibilities for image creation and manipulation.


  • What is InvokeAI 3.0?

    InvokeAI 3.0 is an AI tool that allows users to build complex automations with custom nodes and offers a clutter-free and fun solution.

  • How do I install InvokeAI 3.0?

    To install InvokeAI 3.0, you need to download and unpack the zip file, run the install.bat file, and follow the installation instructions provided.

  • What are the new features of InvokeAI 3.0?

    InvokeAI 3.0 introduces new features such as nodes, Controlnet, and Lora support, allowing users to refine the accuracy and quality of images.

  • Can I import models into InvokeAI 3.0?

    Yes, you can import models into InvokeAI 3.0 by clicking on import models, entering the local address of the model folder, and scanning and adding all the models found in the folder.

  • Do I need coding knowledge to use InvokeAI 3.0?

    While it is recommended to have some coding knowledge, InvokeAI 3.0 offers a user-friendly interface. However, using chat GPT to generate code for custom notes may not work perfectly, so coding knowledge is beneficial.

Timestamped Summary

  • 📲
    Invoke 3 is an AI tool for building complex automations, requiring a fresh Python install and the installation of InvokeAI 3.0 with specific settings.
  • 📝
    Invoke 3.0 now supports nodes, and it is recommended to choose all options for controlnet and lora support.
  • 📥
    The InvokeAI 3.0 update includes new features like nodes, Controlnet, and Lora support, as well as improvements to the UI and model importing capabilities.
  • 📱
    Users can input prompts, adjust settings, and use sliders for faster input on the InvokeAI 3.0 interface, which also offers options for image ratio and preset selection.
  • 📺
    InvokeAI 3.0 now supports control net and Lora, allowing users to process images with downloaded models, adjust settings, and refine accuracy using control nodes.
  • 📝
    Enable dynamic prompts and generate combinations by setting maximum images and using a control net for consistent results.
  • 📱
    Choose between CPU or GPU noise generation, enable clip skip in settings, send images to upscaling, adjust settings, and render specific areas with improved details in InvokeAI 3.0.
  • 🆕
    The speaker discusses the new features of InvokeAI 3.0, including the ability to organize and delete images, view image details and graph information, and use a node editor, but the UI still needs improvement; it's recommended to have coding knowledge and join the Discord community for help and learning opportunities.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "InvokeAI 3.0 - NOW with Nodes, Controlnet and Lora Support" by Olivio Sarikas
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