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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "I'm sorry ..." by SWOOP
TLDR Influencers need to take responsibility for their actions, reflect on their mistakes, and actively work towards personal growth and improvement in order to address issues of racism, prejudice, and power abuse.

Personal Growth and Responsibility

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    The speaker plans to take time away to reflect and educate themselves on the topics related to their past actions, indicating a commitment to self-improvement.
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    One of the most frequent things in apology videos is the shifting of blame, a defense mechanism called deflection, which becomes a problem when addressing harmful issues like racism and prejudice.
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    Speaking out of anger, frustration, and emotions can lead to regrettable actions, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and growth.
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    The speaker expresses a sincere desire for others to see her growth and transformation as a person, emphasizing the importance of recognizing personal change and growth.
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    Depression and mental health challenges should not be used as an excuse for racist or prejudiced behavior.
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    The continuous dismissal of racism and prejudice as a "dark place" perpetuates an unfair system that fails to acknowledge the existence of racism in any context.
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    The speaker acknowledges making mistakes and emphasizes the importance of discussing power abuse, appropriation, casual racism, and bigotry for improvement.
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    The speaker expresses a desire to use their platform to positively influence the youth and acknowledges the need for personal growth before returning to social media.
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    The speaker acknowledges their mistakes and takes full responsibility for their actions, expressing genuine remorse.
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    Our views and engagement determine the power and influence of individuals on social media platforms, so we should be mindful of whose voices we amplify and support.

Influencer Apology Videos and Themes

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    The constant screw-ups of influencers lead to cringe-inducing garbage-ass dumpster fire apology videos that both never disappoint and somehow always disappoint.
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    The idea of an official influencer youtuber apology theme song is both hilarious and thought-provoking.
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    Get ready for a lesson in pettiness as we dive into the common themes of influencer apologies, courtesy of Professor Petty.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "I'm sorry ..." by SWOOP
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