Maximizing Customer Value: Tips for Setting KPIs and Goals with Adora Cheung

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Adora Cheung - How to Set KPIs and Goals" by Y Combinator
TLDR Setting the right KPIs and focusing on MRR will help prioritize strategies and measure the value delivered to customers.

Key insights

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    Setting the right KPIs and goals for a startup is crucial for success, as they provide quantitative metrics that objectively indicate the health of the business and help prioritize time and course correct if needed.
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    "Your primary metric should quantify how much value you're delivering to your customer, because you obviously want to build something that people want."
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    If you're building an online digital daily newspaper, a good KPI to track would be daily active users (DAU), as it indicates the value of the content being delivered.
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    "Picking revenue as a key performance indicator (KPI) is crucial because it shows that people are willing to pay for your product, indicating real value and demand."
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    "There's no metric that actually tells the story that tells 100% of the story maybe 90% but not 100% and so sometimes founders fool themselves by literally only tracking their primary metric and nothing else." - Adora Cheung emphasizes the importance of not solely focusing on one metric and ignoring other important aspects of a business's performance.
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    Before worrying about metrics and goals, it's important to first understand the problem you're solving and who your customer is.
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    The goal of a startup is to grow its primary metric, which proves that it is creating something that many people want.
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    According to Adora Cheung, good startups typically experience growth rates ranging from 20 to 200 percent month over month in their early stages.
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    You should focus on exponential goals and not linear goals when setting KPIs and goals.


  • Why is it important to set the right KPIs?

    — Setting the right KPIs helps objectively measure the success of your business, prioritize strategies, and make necessary adjustments.

  • What is the best metric to measure value?

    — Revenue is considered the best metric to measure value, and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a good indicator of enduring value for products.

  • Which two primary metrics are recommended for startups?

    — Revenue and active users are the two primary metrics recommended for startups to prioritize strategies and make quick decisions.

  • Why should revenue be the primary metric for most people?

    — Revenue should be the primary metric for most people to test if there is demand for their product and avoid relying on feedback from free users.

  • How many secondary metrics should be paired with the primary metric?

    — It is recommended to choose 3-5 secondary metrics to get a comprehensive overview of the company's health and progress.

Timestamped Summary

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    Setting the right KPIs and focusing on MRR will help you measure and prioritize the value you're delivering to customers.
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    Pick a lagging indicator of success (e.g. revenue or active users) to prioritize strategies and make decisions quickly in a startup.
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    Use revenue as the primary metric to test product success, and define users appropriately to avoid being tricked by an easy definition.
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    Choose a primary metric and 3-5 secondary metrics to get a 360 degree overview of the health of your business.
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    Focus on getting the immediate goal of a hundred users each week, and track 3-5 metrics to measure growth at a rate of 5-10% week over week.
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    When setting goals for consumer startups, factor in the time it takes to acquire users and make a sale.
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    Prioritize ideas to grow your business and set weekly targets to ensure you're working on the right idea to meet your goal.
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    Get into the habit of taking notes to help you change things dramatically.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Adora Cheung - How to Set KPIs and Goals" by Y Combinator
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