Prioritizing Customer Experience: Tips for Building Trust and Satisfaction

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "EXPERIÊNCIA DO CLIENTE - GISELE PAULA (INSTITUTO CLIENTE FELIZ) - KRITIKÊ PODCAST #159" by Kritikê Podcast
TLDR Companies should prioritize customer experience by addressing complaints promptly, building trust with customers, understanding their behavior and preferences, focusing on culture and training, and taking care of both internal and external customers.

Key insights

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    Criticism and complaints are essential for companies to evolve and improve their products and services.
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    Treating customers with respect and avoiding violence is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship and avoiding mistreatment in return.
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    The old view of leadership focused solely on numbers and strategy, but today it's important for leaders to understand customer behavior and be present in the customer experience.
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    Understanding the customer's unique moments in their journey is crucial for creating a positive experience, and not all moments require the same level of operational efficiency.
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    The Institute Client Feliz focuses on co-creating a better customer experience with the company itself, rather than solely relying on consulting services.

Timestamped Summary

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    Companies should ask for feedback and address complaints promptly to improve customer experience and prevent potential crises.
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    To make customers happy, companies should address their essential needs, listen to complaints, apologize if necessary, and prioritize consistency in service, while also setting an example of valuing and addressing complaints from the top down, as failing to prioritize customer satisfaction can lead to high numbers of complaints and even cause companies to leave the country.
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    Companies should focus on building trust with the 98% of customers who don't act in bad faith, address complaints to improve customer experience, and provide quality products and service to develop an emotional connection with customers, as highlighted through examples such as Apple, Starbucks, and a Japanese food order.
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    Understanding customer behavior and preferences is key to creating a positive customer experience, which involves mapping out the customer journey and using data and technology to enhance unique moments, but companies may need a "Do Not Disturb" law to protect customer security.
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    Companies need to prioritize customer experience and not solely rely on technology, but instead focus on culture, training, and processes, as demonstrated by the Institute's service design methodology that prioritizes happiness.
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    Taking care of both internal and external customers is crucial for a company's success, as silos between departments can lead to a lack of focus on serving the customer, but by forming a sympathy and utilizing email communication, companies can improve the customer experience.
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    Gisele Paula co-founded a company focused on improving customer complaints in Brazil, empowering women in the job market, and redesigning customer experience for large companies with successful case studies, while also discussing how to convert complainers on social media into happy customers.
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    The Institute's client week is happening from September 12th to 16th with various activities and a guest from Netflix, and the speaker encourages improving customer experience while the next podcast episode will discuss digital interviews.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "EXPERIÊNCIA DO CLIENTE - GISELE PAULA (INSTITUTO CLIENTE FELIZ) - KRITIKÊ PODCAST #159" by Kritikê Podcast
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