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Startups struggling to fundraise locally should consider seeking investment in larger communities like Silicon Valley, where investors prioritize execution over idea quality and are more open-minded to exploring new ideas.

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    YC company from North Carolina struggled to fundraise in their local community and sought advice on how to raise money in Silicon Valley, where investors are concentrated and have a unique perspective due to their experience with successful companies.
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    It's important to thoroughly educate oneself before making decisions, but this is unfortunately not always the case in many parts of the world.
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    Angel investors outside of the Bay Area are more likely to be correct when saying no to deals.
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    Investors in active startup communities are more likely to give an idea the benefit of the doubt and dig into its potential, while those outside of such communities tend to dismiss ideas more readily.
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    Investors prioritize a team's execution over the quality of their idea, so if you're struggling to fundraise in your local startup community, consider seeking investment in a larger community like the Bay Area.
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