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Taking risks and investing in talented individuals are essential for success in a constantly changing world, and Facebook provides opportunities for growth and development for its employees.

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    Facebook became a formal Delaware company when Peter Thiel invested about six months after its creation.
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    The plan was to continue working on the project while going back to school in the fall, but the amount of work grew too quickly.
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    Don't be afraid to take risks, as in a world that's constantly changing, not taking any risks is the biggest risk you can take.
  • πŸ’₯
    Taking risks is crucial for success, as not taking any risks is the biggest risk of all.
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    Facebook's success in hiring is something founders should strive for, and it's important to consider what qualities to look for in potential team members.
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    Experience is not the most important factor when investing in talented individuals, regardless of their background or level of experience.
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    Assessing talent is not about specific job experience, but rather looking for talented individuals through their unique projects and accomplishments.
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    The company has given its employees a lot of opportunities to grow and develop, with 12 different product groups being run by people who did not start off reporting to the speaker.
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