Adapting Marketing Strategies for Success in Low Demand

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Demand Leads Are Down So Now What?" by To The Point - Home Services Podcast
TLDR Contractors need to adapt their marketing strategies and focus on providing excellent customer service in order to succeed during periods of low demand.

Strategies for Lead Generation and Conversion

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    "The demand leads are down, so now the really smart operators are going to shine."
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    The smaller pool of available business leads combined with more companies vying for them creates a highly competitive environment, likened to "shooting fish in a barrel" with multiple guns.
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    In today's fast-paced world, customers have numerous options and won't wait long for a response, so businesses need to prioritize efficient communication to avoid losing potential leads.
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    "We still have holes in our gotta find them and plug them 100. It's the only way you're going to grow and only you're always going to have holes and it just might be hopefully a little smaller." - Insight on the continuous need to identify and address challenges in order to grow and improve.
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    The new guy David revamped the tech stack and QA process of an answering service, emphasizing the significance of continuous improvement and innovation in customer service.
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    "Regardless of what you think, a lot of people are like well. I'm an HVAC contractor nobody wants to hear from me. It's not true you have things that are valuable for them especially like in Phoenix blog posts and videos about what to do during these heat waves is to keep your family safe."
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    Creating videos with helpful tips and advice can establish credibility and trust with potential customers.
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    Email marketing is still an effective way to stay in touch with customers and build brand awareness, especially when combined with storytelling and regular updates on company happenings.
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    Entertaining and educating your audience through social media is key to getting their attention and driving action, so don't be afraid to use humor and create content that evokes emotions.

Importance of Community Engagement and Brand Building

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    "I believe in what they're building because of the way it's impacted my customers."
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    The intention behind community service matters, as it is not solely about gaining immediate business but also about genuinely doing good for others.
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    "I shared all the failures that we had along the way...the embarrassing...negative experiences...the mistakes that I actually made...but still through all that we gave back constantly constantly get back."
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    Being involved in community service can not only benefit your credibility and honesty as a business, but also serve as a great marketing strategy.


  • How can contractors succeed during periods of low demand?

    — Contractors can succeed during periods of low demand by adapting their marketing strategies and focusing on providing excellent customer service.

  • What should contractors do when demand leads are down?

    — When demand leads are down, contractors should analyze data, gather facts, and make better decisions to prepare for upcoming seasons and grow their business.

  • How can contractors optimize paid ad campaigns?

    — Contractors can optimize paid ad campaigns by focusing on doing the basic things really well, such as answering the phone, returning missed calls and voicemails, and responding quickly to form submissions.

  • What strategies can contractors use to attract new customers during low demand periods?

    — Contractors can attract new customers during low demand periods by utilizing outbound marketing, maximizing every opportunity that comes in, and regularly communicating with existing customers.

  • How can contractors grow their business during low demand periods?

    — Contractors can grow their business during low demand periods by finding solutions to improve and using strategies such as offering a brief hold on fees, pre-qualifying customers, and offering financing options.

Timestamped Summary

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    Contractors need accurate information and be willing to adapt in order to succeed in marketing as demand leads are down, so analyzing data and making better decisions is crucial for preparing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons to grow their business.
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    Demand for leads has decreased, resulting in higher costs per lead, so it's important to optimize paid ad campaigns and focus on providing excellent customer service to attract new customers and protect your business during low demand periods.
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    Plug the holes in your business, find a reliable answering service like Nexa, maximize every opportunity, focus on customer service, and prioritize leads with higher lifetime value.
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    Text or email valuable information to customers to keep them engaged, offer a brief hold on fees and focus on providing value over the phone, pre-qualify customers, be flexible with pricing and offer financing options, analyze competitors and adjust call to action, keep staff busy and simplify membership plans, spend time with customers and offer memberships with recurring revenue, implement strategies like stacking calls and asking for referrals to improve business during low demand.
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    Utilize Facebook groups and referrals to grow your business during low demand, share valuable content, engage with potential customers, and get involved in community service to enhance credibility and dominate your local market.
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    Utilize Google Home Services and local service ads to generate leads, optimize your Google business profile, and seek feedback or assistance to improve marketing strategies; stay in touch with customers through email and text message marketing, providing value and engaging content to maintain their interest and avoid being seen as spam.
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    Use social media to engage with your audience and create a fun environment for your team, run contests to increase brand exposure, use smart AC sensors and offer free installations, share knowledge and implement ideas, and reach out for guidance if needed.
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    Look internally and network with others to find great ideas that will work for you during a downturn in demand.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Demand Leads Are Down So Now What?" by To The Point - Home Services Podcast
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