Boost Your Job Search with 5 LinkedIn Profile Tips

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "5 MUST-KNOW LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers!" by Jeff Su
TLDR Five tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase your chances of being noticed by recruiters.

Key insights

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    All-Star LinkedIn profiles are 40 times more likely to be contacted by recruiters and 18 times more likely to show up in hiring managers' search results.
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    Your LinkedIn profile picture should show your chest and a smile, and you can use free online tools like Remove BG and Canva to create a high-quality cover photo.
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    Your LinkedIn headline should show the value you bring to future employers, not just your title.
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    The objective of your LinkedIn profile as a job seeker is to drive relevant traffic to you, even when you're sleeping.
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    Your LinkedIn profile should showcase your ability to work well cross-functionally and be customer-centric and growth-focused.
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    Using a custom LinkedIn URL can make your profile more professional and easier to share with potential employers.


  • How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile?

    You can optimize your LinkedIn profile by following five easy tips, such as selecting a smiling photo, creating a LinkedIn cover photo, including relevant keywords in your about section, adding skills with endorsements, and using a custom URL.

  • Why is having an All-Star LinkedIn profile important?

    Having an All-Star LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being contacted by recruiters and showing up in hiring managers' search results.

  • How can I create a LinkedIn cover photo?

    To create a LinkedIn cover photo, you can use Canva to design a banner with the recommended size of 1500 pixels and then upload it to your profile.

  • What should I include in my LinkedIn about section?

    In your LinkedIn about section, you should include relevant keywords to increase visibility to recruiters and hiring managers. Following Austin Belcak's structure, you can use customer-centric and growth-focused keywords.

  • How can a custom URL help in my job search?

    Using a custom URL on your LinkedIn profile can maximize your job search success by improving your profile's SEO and increasing the number of job opportunities you receive.

Timestamped Summary

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    5 easy tips to help you create an All-Star LinkedIn profile and get noticed by recruiters.
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    Pick a photo, use Remove BG, create a Canva account, and duplicate the page to add a background.
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    Create a LinkedIn cover photo using Canva's 1500 pixel option.
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    Select, edit, share, download, and upload your new profile picture and cover photo.
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    Helping small & medium businesses understand Google Ads features.
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    Include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn about section.
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    Use Austin Belcak's structure to optimize your LinkedIn about section for customer-centric, growth-focused keywords.
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    Add 5 skills & get an optimized URL on your LinkedIn profile to maximize job search success.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "5 MUST-KNOW LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers!" by Jeff Su
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