Insights from Yandex Interns and Employees: Driver Ratings, Productivity, and Growth Ideas

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "БРАТИШКИН УСТРОИЛСЯ РАБОТАТЬ В ЯНДЕКС НА 1 ДЕНЬ" by Bratishkin Rofls
TLDR The video showcases various experiences and suggestions from Yandex interns and employees, highlighting the importance of maintaining driver ratings, improving workplace productivity, and implementing new ideas for growth.

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    Yandex interns introduce themselves and their work during an internship program in their library.
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    A speaker shares their experience with an avatar picture service and the challenges they faced with technology.
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    Drivers need to maintain a high level of activity to keep their rating and benefits, 🚫 ban abusive users, and 🚕 lower commission for active taxi drivers to prioritize orders based on their rating and loyalty level.
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    Yandex app has a hidden admin panel accessible by shaking the phone, while employees work on Fridays to combine ideas and a general rating system for passengers and drivers is suggested.
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    📉 Speaker's income is negative, so they plan to postpone a task; an app offers driver achievements for completed orders, with a focus on reducing inappropriate chat behavior.
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    The speaker mentions a holy day and suggests two options for music, while discussing workplace productivity and access to certain areas in the Yandex office.
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    A bike treadmill is a great indoor biking option, but integration and turning it off can be problematic. 🗑️ The speaker likes having trash bins on every floor and wants music in the office, but is frustrated with the unreliable work camera and suggests using Yandex for streaming. 🎲 The speaker is in an uncomfortable game room with broken toys and hookah players, expressing frustration about various things.
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    The speaker emphasized the importance of personalized mugs, smaller phones, free coffee, and weekly team meetings with task updates. 👨‍💻 The duty officer is responsible for fixing bugs in production and helping users with inquiries about the service. 🐛 A bug was found in a new feature that blocked half the screen and affected external users, but it was quickly fixed and a new version was rolled out for testing. 🌱 The speaker completed a branch for review, wrote a little on Wiki, and discussed the need for more serious ideas to push and growth.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "БРАТИШКИН УСТРОИЛСЯ РАБОТАТЬ В ЯНДЕКС НА 1 ДЕНЬ" by Bratishkin Rofls
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