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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "ПОЛНЫЙ ГАЙД ПО НАКРУТКЕ ОПЫТА В РЕЗЮМЕ feat @digital_ninja" by Anton Nazarov
TLDR The key to succeeding in job interviews and building a successful career is to focus on showcasing your skills, being transparent in the hiring process, upgrading your skills, and building a strong network.

Key insights

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    The entry barrier for job seekers is often the requirement of a certain number of years of experience, which may not accurately reflect their skills and capabilities.
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    It is unfair to judge someone's competence based solely on the number of years of experience they have, as a skilled programmer can quickly refresh their knowledge and adapt to new technologies.
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    Understanding and being able to explain the metrics related to your work experience can make your resume more compelling and interesting to potential employers.
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    Building relationships with colleagues, especially those in different roles like testers, can greatly speed up the onboarding process and help in dividing and closing tasks efficiently.

Timestamped Summary

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    Job seekers often lie in interviews, but it's better to focus on showcasing your skills and having confidence in your talent.
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    Companies should focus on specific job requirements rather than arbitrary years of experience, technical interviews are crucial in determining eligibility, and transparency in the hiring process is key.
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    Saying you need time to check for previous job contacts is okay, building a recommendation process for former employees is not successful, blacklisting can be useful, prepare for job interviews by upgrading skills and choosing a company carefully, lying and manipulating through self-presentation is a valuable skill, choose a small company with a loud customer and describe projects worked on.
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    Russian streamers pay 10% commission to for a web-only service without an iOS app.
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    Understand Scrum, research companies, and use concise language to succeed in technical job interviews.
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    Ask smart questions and seek guidance from a mentor to understand coding style and processes in a new job.
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    Deception is acceptable in business, but honesty is still important in personal relationships and building a strong personal brand.
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    It's important to prioritize predictability and building a strong network in order to succeed in life.
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "ПОЛНЫЙ ГАЙД ПО НАКРУТКЕ ОПЫТА В РЕЗЮМЕ feat @digital_ninja" by Anton Nazarov
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