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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: The Secret to 10x Smarter Responses!" by All About AI
TLDR Gain insight, pursue internships/apprenticeships, create a portfolio, and be kind when ending a long-term relationship to successfully change careers, save money, and improve health and well-being.

Key insights

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    Setting a context and giving a task to an AI model can lead to better results in providing advice, as demonstrated in the example of an expert career advisor.
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    Pursuing a career in computer science may require building a professional network through internships, online coding challenges, and creating a portfolio of projects.
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    Open communication and finding a balance that works for both partners is key to resolving conflicts in a relationship.
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    Ending a long-term relationship requires sensitivity, honesty, and respect for both parties involved, and it's important to have a post-breakup plan in place to move forward.
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    Saving money can be difficult, but creating a budget and tracking expenses can help prioritize and make adjustments where necessary.
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    Starting a side hustle and doing DIY projects can not only reduce expenses but also increase income potential.
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    Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are key to improving overall health and fitness, but it's important to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.


  • How can I successfully change careers?

    Gain insight into your dissatisfaction and career goals, and ask questions to an expert career advisor for personalized advice. Look for internships, participate in coding challenges, and create a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and make connections.

  • How should I approach ending a long-term relationship?

    Approach the conversation with sensitivity and care, have an open conversation with your partner about feelings and finding a balance, and consider seeking help from a relationship therapist if needed. End the relationship with kindness and compassion.

  • How can I save money?

    Create a budget to track expenses, identify areas to cut back, automate savings, and consider starting a side hustle to increase income and reach savings goals. Cut back on dining out and subscriptions, and do DIY projects to reduce expenses.

  • How can I improve my health and well-being?

    Have a comprehensive medical examination, engage in regular physical activity, improve your diet, manage stress levels, and set realistic goals. Consult with an exercise and health expert for personalized advice and see improvements in a few weeks.

  • Can I improve my strength and cardiovascular health over 40?

    Yes, with the right exercise program and healthy diet, it is possible to gain strength and improve cardiovascular health. Regular physical activity and a balanced diet can lead to noticeable improvements in just a few weeks.

Timestamped Summary

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    An expert career advisor has been giving advice on changing careers for 20 years.
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    Ask questions to gain insight, then pursue internships/apprenticeships, coding challenges, hackathons, and create a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and make connections for a successful career change.
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    Before ending a long-term relationship, have an open conversation and consider seeing a therapist.
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    Be kind and compassionate when ending a long-term relationship.
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    Create a budget to save money.
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    Cut back on expenses and increase income by creating a budget, automating savings, and starting a side hustle in Australia.
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    With the right exercise program and healthy diet, it's possible to improve your health and well-being in as little as few weeks.
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    Generate AI art with this tutorial!
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This article is a summary of a YouTube video "ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: The Secret to 10x Smarter Responses!" by All About AI
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