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The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to delete GPT format and partitions to fix Windows installation issues and create new partitions if needed.

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    Learn how to delete the gpt format and all partitions in 7 easy steps to solve the issue of Windows not being able to be installed on a disk with the gp partition style.
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    Press shift+f10 (or fn+f10 on some laptops) to open command prompt and type "list dist" to execute necessary commands.
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    The speaker explains how to delete the gpt format and partitions of disk 0 using specific commands.
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    The list partition and clean commands are used to check and clean the hard drive, respectively, resulting in a successful disk cleaning with no partitions remaining.
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    Delete GPT format by using the command list disk, xxi or exit command, and clicking on update.
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    Create new partitions during Windows installation process if needed, otherwise continue with the installation.
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